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George W. Bush Conserves Oceans

The “conservation conservative” comes out:

Nine sites in the central Pacific will be set as sanctuaries for marine life and bases of research for scientists, President Bush said Tuesday.

The sites, designated in three regions of the central Pacific, will make up the largest expanse of ocean set aside for marine conservation in the world: 195,280 square miles.

For the designation, Bush used the 1906 Antiquities Act, which President Theodore Roosevelt first used to set aside public lands such as the Grand Canyon as national monuments. Many areas created under the act later became national parks.


Conservatives oppose many silly things like the Kyoto protocol that don’t actually solve problems, but seem like good surrogates, at the expense of our defense or prosperity.

However, they can be induced to set aside huge swathes of land and sea for natural species, because conservatives don’t understand saving bunnies — but they understand saving the forest “as a whole” so that bunnies can use it, which is the long-term solution to the endangered bunny problem.

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