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Fraud at the Hate Market

I would never do well as a full-time political activist. It would depress me. I would hate any occupation where you got yourself fired for winning too effectively. It is philosophically painful that solving a really bad problem causes that much trouble and distress.

Can you imagine how many desperate and starving post-docs would be out there wanting to kill some scientist who invented the cure-all cancer pill? The starving post-docs at the bio-labs should revere the researcher who invented the cancer pill. It would be an awesome achievement that would elevate that individual to a level comparable to Newton, Darwin, or Einstein.

But then, the next morning, all of those researchers would no longer have a reason to go to work. Even worse, the universities and corporations paying the researchers would have no reason to continue paying the salaries. At that point, there is an entire Soviet of highly-educated research experts who now live in their own post-USSR Russia.

The Problem of The Really Bad Problem involves a situation of perverse incentives. Solve poverty, cancer, drugs, Amerikan public education, Afghanistan, or The Ukraine, and you defecate where a large number of people eat. Solving one of these problems blows up a major profit center for people who fight these problems for a living. We can add the fight against hate to the growing list of these self-licking, dog poop ice cream cones.

Everyone should hate hating haters who spread hatred. Its hateful conduct, and all worthy people are called upon to fight it. Some of these people make a really good profit at it. They would tell you they just do well by doing good. Never mind the inconvenient question. “When can we all decree hatred vanquished by The Puppy and Rainbow Brigade over at The Anti-Defamation League?”

We never quite see a well-defined set of victory conditions. You don’t see similar conditions over at the NYSE either. This implies that nobody will shut down the NYSE. They shouldn’t. The NYSE is not a problem. It is a market.

Notice again, that we see no clearly defined victory conditions in the War on Hatred. That is because there isn’t really a War on Hatred. For the $PLC, ADL, #BLM, et al, there is a lucrative Hate Market. Shut that market down, and #BLM can no longer afford to buy large mansions. Without the Hate, there isn’t a trade. Without that trade, you don’t have a market. Without that market, who needs the $PLC? That question wasn’t merely rhetorical.

Like any market, The Hate Market has years where it all goes fallow. Once you’ve abolished the police, they just don’t beat enough people to stoke up Hate Securities and whip up the trading floor. Shorting Scott Adams temporarily inspired the animal spirits.

On Wednesday’s airing of his podcast, “Coffee With Scott Adams,” the commentator highlighted a poll published by Rasmussen which asked respondents if they agreed with the following statement: “It’s okay to be white.” The survey found that 47% of black respondents either disagreed with the statement, or said they were not sure if they agreed with it, while 53% concurred with the sentiment. Adams seemingly took the result of the poll to mean that 47% of black Americans did not have a favorable view of white people and intimated that he would be changing his approach to racial matters.

Yet Hate Markets have a built-in defect that undermines many of the securities. You can’t trade Scott Adams anymore. He’s been cancelled. Run the guillotine conga line for long enough, and Madame Lafarge doesn’t have enough executions to watch. Eventually, once you’ve even killed Danton and Marat, the seed corn has all been consumed and nothing is left to plant for next year. Scare everyone else with career death threats, and amazingly, nobody wants the DEI people around anymore.

The attrition rate for DEI roles was 33% at the end of 2022, compared to 21% for non-DEI roles. Amazon, Applebees and Twitter lead the way with DEI layoffs since July 2022, according to Revelio Labs, a New York-based company that uses data to analyze workforce dynamics and trends.

At this point of crisis, the Hate Market takes a lesson from the professionals over at JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. It becomes time to whip out the deceit and commit market fraud. When a dishonest journalist reporting on police encounter fails to pay the bills and keep the lights on, it becomes time to invoke quantitative easing. Important people are losing their DEI jobs. Now is the time to make Amerika hate again!

The latest hate hoax the Left tried to shove down our throats was the so-called “Day of Hate” that the Right Wingers supposedly called for to occur last Saturday. As a certified Right Winger™ and a terminally online person I was shocked to discover such a day had occurred. The only evidence of it, of course, was Left Wingers denouncing it and demanding that everybody else do so too, lest we be passively endorsing it. Left-wingers and the MSM, but I repeat myself.

The execution here completely failed. I hate these guys for holding a national day of hate and not even adding me to the invite list. Who plans these things for Saturday? In Great Britain, the Chavs all famously have a match to attend over at the club. Amerikans are in terminal decline, so their daughters have AYSO matches instead. What can you do with haters entirely too busy to hate?

“The Day of Hate” continues even if the haters all have alternative plans. The MSM tells us how hateful it is. We all need to spend much more and forever fight the hateful scourge of hatred. All of that money, like The TARP Program in 2008, gets funneled to a select group of powerful market makers. You may be totally bored of hatred, but The Hate Market is existentially required to remain interested in you.

The leading institutions are systemically important to The Cathedral/Synagogue/Minaret. This makes the $PLC too big to fail. Amerika could accidentally turn back into America without the loving ministrations of the ADL or #BLM. The fraud will always continue to prop up that vitally important Hate Market.

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