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Francis Is The Anti-Pope

You cannot uphold traditional morality while serving in the role as an SJW. Pope Francis wants to modernize the Catholic Church. He wants them to be more concurrent with the society around it. He wants them to do what the cool kids do. As Christ once sardonically remarked. “They have their reward.” So show him what he wins, Dom Pardo.

Vatican police raided a drug-fueled gay sex party at a top priest’s apartment near the city, according to an Italian newspaper report. The apartment’s occupant, who was not named by police, serves as a secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, a personal adviser to Pope Francis. The apartment belongs to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith — the branch that reviews appeals from clergy found guilty of sexual abuse of minors, according to Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano, which first published the explosive report.

It gets better, even more vibrant, diverse and tolerant. Anti-Pope Francis himself acknowledges that homosexuals within the church are attempting to rewrite the church doctrine.

Not long after his election, Pope Francis acknowledged the existence of a gay lobby, suggesting he would try to root it out. “In the Curia there are holy people, it’s true, there are holy people,” Francis said in June, 2013. “But there is also a current of corruption, this as well, it’s true. People talk about a ‘gay lobby’ and it is true. It exists and we will have to see what we can do about it.” For his part, Pope Benedict XVI revealed in his 2016 memoirs titled Last Testament that a “gay lobby” within the Vatican had tried to influence his decisions, but that he thought he had managed to “break up this power group.” According to Reuters, the idea of a gay lobby in Vatican would allegedly refer to a group of homosexuals who have “banded together to support each other’s careers and influence decisions in the bureaucracy.”

What was it the church recently told people about cracking down on pedophiles?

However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation. Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

But hey, nobody corners the market on being Pro-Life quite like The Catholic Church. Oh, wait. And they are stolidly trustworthy. in their stewardship of the dollars parishoners put in the collection plate.

Italian police arrested the Rev. Nunzio Scarano, a senior prelate working in the Vatican treasury, officially known as the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See. Scarano stands accused of trying to smuggle some 20 million euros from Switzerland to Italy on behalf of a financier. According to prosecutors, Scarano and his associates concocted a plan that seems to come straight out of a spy movie, involving a rented plane and help from contacts within the Italian secret service.

So now Pope Francis is outraged. He’s like the character in Casablanca who was shocked to find gambling in his establishment. The man tolerates everything, so therefore, that is exactly what he gets under his roof. He has to tolerate everything. He is a worshipping #SJW. He can certainly punish actual transgressions. To his minimal credit, he has fired some of the worst and most indefensible characters currently infesting The Vatican. But he leaves the conditions for that sort of thing in place because it is against his fundamental ideology to judge and then exclude the sort of person that will behave like a criminal or a pervert.

This weakness makes Francis an Anti-Pope. The title “Pope” is linguistically equivalent to father. The Pope is supposed to be a father to his flock. As Jesus told St. Peter. “If you love me, then feed my sheep.” A father demonstrates love through action. Action frequently involves discipline (or “fascism” as the kids call it now). Give your kid a choice every night between ice cream and brocoli, and it’s hello childhood obesity. Give them a choice between Pre-Algebra or Grand Theft Auto and you’d better hope there is a widely available career path that greatly values video gaming over analytical thinking.

So if Francis allows for a large faction within his personal staff that follows an openly gay lifestyle, he shouldn’t count on them being nice about his image and going for a 500 mile plane trip before the next drug-fueled gang-bang. If he knows a seminary produces short-eye padres, then he needs to close it down. Otherwise, the church will remain a threatening steward of young children. If the Pope can’t trust his own cardinals with the image of The Holy See, or the children of the men and women he’s telling to practice marital fidelity; then Francis shouldn’t get his jimmies too badly rustled when the help runs off with The Vatican Treasury either. All of this is part and parcel to the suicidal tolerance of dispicable behavior that underlies the ideological constitution of the SJW.

In conclusion, Pope Francis is too fatally flawed to lead a major Christian Church anywhere other than to cucked ruination. WHile he remains Pontifex Maximus, ignores his requests that you give his church money. Any resource that goes into his hands may well end up funding any sort of behavior he is willing to tolerate from his organization. This example from Catholicism is why more and more people are letting the Gramscied Mainline Denominations dry up and blow away. Perhaps this continued degradation of these ancient church organizations requires a rise of an Alt-Christianity or a CGTOW (Christians Going Their Own Way) Movement. Because while Francis tolerates the perverts in his midst, he will only tell the dutiful faithful to give ’til it hurts.

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