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Feedback loops we don’t like to see

Recessions snowball because we panic:

Shopping centers are caught in a bind driven by the steep pullback in consumer spending: Lower sales have forced many mall tenants to close stores, leading to higher vacancy rates and lower foot traffic, which further drives down sales.


People cut costs so can do less business so get less business, and there’s a trickle-down effect to that, too.

THE British Army is facing increasing numbers of British Muslims fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Senior officers claim they are engaged in a “surreal mini civil war”, having to face fighters from the West Midlands and Yorkshire.

Interceptions of Taliban communications have revealed “seemingly committed jihadists” speaking with “West Midlands accents”.

Recent ground and air surveillance has shown increasing numbers of “British voices” in the front line.

The Evening Standard

Liberty encourages people to do their own thing, so they do, and then consensus is lost and civilization falls into chaos.

Multiculturalism encourages each person to pursue their own culture, which they do, and then find out that all strong ideas oppose all others within the same scope.

Hence, increasing jihad between people who grew up nearby.

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