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Far-Right Users Lead in Open Source Use

Open Source software replaced ShareWare as the ideal way for hobbyist coders to give back to the community by making programs available for general use. Its unique contribution is that it insists on having the source code be made public so that users can modify any software to fit their needs.

Mainstream adoption lags behind the hobbyist market, where people like to fiddle with computers, and therefore are willing to take on software that is part-DIY on a regular basis. Interestingly, it seems that the far-Right has also adopted Open Source more than the general population:

According to Net Applications, a company that tracks technology trends, the overwhelming majority of desktop computer users are running some version of Microsoft Windows, with only two other operating systems registering at all: Mac OS X and Linux.

Here’s their breakdown:

Windows: 90.71%
Mac OS X: 7.43%
Linux: 1.73%

I found the following operating system usage patterns for the White friendly websites I maintain:

Windows: 76.36%
Mac OS X: 12.85%
Linux: 10.80%

StatCounter GlobalStats shows the following, in relation to web browser usage for mainstream web surfers:

Chrome: 40%
Internet Explorer: 28%
Firefox: 20%
Safari: 9%
Opera: 1%

Browser usage for visitors to my White pride sites, looks like this:

Chrome: 18%
Internet Explorer: 29%
Firefox: 27%
Safari: 11%
Opera: 3%

One thought here is that by the nature of having to evade constant censorship in real life and online, far-Right users are more inclined to pick products that prioritize privacy and security over convenience.

Another interpretation is that far-Right people tend to prefer organic culture and activities produced by humans outside of government and jobs. Once something becomes a job, quality and safety take a backseat to the career of the person involved.

In any case, it seems likely that this trend will continue as the half of the Right that has gone farther than the moderates seeks to drop out of a dying society, establish competence, and build a social network that is untouchable by the normies and their government.

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