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Exploring the Pathology of Human Illusion

When a child is born and it looks deep into the father’s eyes, the one that receives this gift of life then, after a moment of incredulously looking back, proceeds to bathe and fold the child into a protective blanket before presenting it to his tearful wife, holding it close to her chest so the child can hear her beating heart so familiar and soothing after an excruciatingly painful journey.

This is where illusion is born. It comes with the baby, enveloping it and instantly presenting the baby with three very distinct sensory inputs; the strange world it sees through its eyes, the pain its body feels and its new, unexpected, and overwhelming desire for air.

The old world was quite comfortable thank you, why are you putting me into this new world, without warning, without preparation, what the hell were y’all thinking?

This is where conflict starts too.

The illusion that having a child fulfills our destiny, that we do things to leave a family legacy, to enable our children to have a better life than us, pervades the actions and thoughts of all humans, all organizations, civilizations, and all societies. After all, there were no babies in Eden, were there.

If we don’t want to sin, we should stop having babies, why not just make them big, like us. Be like God, do what He did. Follow His example rather than His words. Did Jesus have children, of course not.

For us to have children, we must be selfish, we must forget about the example set by Jesus, but we must adhere to the command, go forth and be fruitful. Illusion and conflict are supposed to make us resilient and focused on multiplying, because nature kills humans for sport, not the other way around. The illusioned always die first.

Why do we have to remain focused? Because everything happens at the same time, just like when a child is born. Crying and fighting for air is no illusion, it is real. While the baby sucks in the illusionary message contained in his father’s eyes, it only finds peace in the familiar sound of a pumping heart, not some starry image.

The reality of human life is that humans must multiply while the human illusion is that babies bring peace. That is why they kill them in the womb these days. That is why America makes war on people that make babies all over the world. They cleverly think that killing babies will bring peace, but after 500 years of being the most successful race, Europeans, in their old, childless, senile age, now think that they don’t have to multiply anymore.

Illusion has taken over the West, but at least the Global South still has one foot in Reality. That just might save the West from finally committing suicide. After all, we are all human and it is better to die on a real battlefield, than on a feminized proxy battlefield.

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