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Europe collapsing

When you create a bad design, it can only fail, regardless of how good the implementation is. While these people are upset over financial problems in Europe, those financial problems are symptoms of a lack of a plan: we’ll liberalize society, lose all consensus that gives us a sense of social reward, and then sell these decentered people products and services until they crap out, at which point we’ll import new people to sell junk to — the wisdom of peasants, not kings or scholars.

The financial turmoil that began in the summer of 2007 in the U.S. is spreading around the globe with frightening speed and devastating consequences for working people.

Now, the economic disaster is sparking mass protest and revolt on a scale not seen in two decades.

ALL THIS is spelling the definitive end of the neoliberal era ushered in some 30 years ago by political and business leaders who pushed through financial deregulation, cutbacks in social spending programs from health care to higher education, and attacks on labor–all in the name of efficiency, prosperity and other supposed virtues of the free market.

As they have in the past, Europe’s far-right parties will seek to pin blame for the economic crisis on immigrants, trade unions and the left, but so far, the first response has gone in a leftward direction in most places.

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Of course, they are making the oldest mistake in the book: when your attempts fail, do not change your assumptions.

Their assumption is leftism.

Neoliberalism is leftism; Regan and Thatcher were popular because they adapted the pre-WWII rightist agenda to the leftist post-WWII reality, and so were electable.

Leftism creates diversity by deconstruction consensus and replacing it with individual liberty which, when handed to the wrong people, results in a chaotic and self-consumptive society.

This society then cannot earn enough money to offset its parasites, and also, because it lacks consensus, has no way of fending off those who want to use it as fodder for crass commercialization. There’s no culture and universal agreement that anything is more important than money!

All societies die this way. Leftism seems like a good solution but if it were really that revolutionary, it would probably be more controversial, don’t you think?

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