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Equality Produced Our Diversity Crisis

History will record that humanity stumbled into egalitarianism through a desire to end conflict but by doing so, make the errors behind that conflict into accepted parts of daily life. This kicked off a “death by a thousand cuts” in which we avoided the sword, but still bled to death, albeit over a longer period of time.

Since WW1, the West has split into roughly two groups: those who approve the current trajectory and those who either disapprove, are disinterested, or want another option to the current path set by democracy, equality, atomization, diversity and subsidies/socialism.

Our current trajectory is based on the Enlightenment,™ democracy, civil rights, socialism, and other forms of egalitarian thinking, which are ways in which groups can choose individualism by extending it to all and passing on the cost to society.

These emerged from bourgeois notions of marketing, insurance, and commerce. The city person does not produce wealth directly but re-sells what others make, therefore needs a morality of focusing on sales by flattering others and being inoffensive.

Such people like insurance because it distributes costs to the group so that no one bears direct responsibility for their mistakes or misfortunes, favors internationalism because it opens up commerce, and of course like the idea of a society run by peer pressure because this makes it easy to sell stuff to others.

Each generation pushes this philosophy further while imagining that they are rebelling against their parents. Youth desire “freedom,” which means that they can do whatever they want (individualism), society pays for it (socialism), and someone manages the situation for them (bourgeois) in exchange for taxes. Living is easy this way.

At the present time, the philosophy has expanded into a circular Ponzi scheme based on growing populations through diversity in order to tax them and provide social benefits while stimulating fake growth to provide the next round of taxes, and they tell you this plan without shame:

Since June, Mexico, the United States and Canada have collectively welcomed record numbers of migrants and refugees from the Western Hemisphere under new and expanded labor and humanitarian programs. Today, we affirm our joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration under the Los Angeles Declaration and other relevant multilateral frameworks. This includes assisting host communities and promoting migrant and refugee integration; providing protection to refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants; strengthening asylum capacity in the region; expanding and promoting regular pathways for migration and protection; addressing the root causes and impacts of irregular migration and forced displacement; and collaborating to counter xenophobia and discrimination against migrants and refugees.

Having gone down the socialism path, our societies now have many expensive welfare state benefits and entitlements to pay for, and this means that they need cheap labor and an ever-expanding tax base in order to pay for what was promised a generation ago.

A look our our budget shows that four-fifths of our spending goes to maintaining this welfare state through anti-poverty and anti-racism programs:

President Biden’s budget for FY 2022 totals $6.011 trillion, eclipsing all other previous budgets.

Mandatory expenditures, such as Social Security, Medicare, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, account for about 65% of the budget.

The discretionary budget for 2022 is $1.688 trillion. [Non-military spending includes] all other domestic programs. The largest of these programs are Health and Human Services, Education, and Housing and Urban Development.

The biggest expense for the military is the Department of Defense base budget, estimated at $715 billion.

These programs are all of a socialist nature. In socialism, the workers own the means of production, which means that they are shareholders who receive monthly dividends or the slice of the wealth produced that corresponds to their shareholding.

Our entitlements programs hide their socialist ideal behind Keynesianism, or the idea that by having free markets and taxing them, then paying money to citizens, governments can stimulate perpetual growth. The problem is that this requires increasing population to keep taxes flowing and pay for not just the programs but the debts incurred.

These programs fit within the French Revolution narrative of resentment of those who are succeeding, based on self-pity for the individual, who not only blames others for his plight but does not understand why he is not wealthy, beautiful, healthy, and successful in the narcissistic outlook of a DKE-addled mind:

“Like when liberals try to say-its like the dumbest position they get into, it’s like ‘we can’t keep letting them in here, gotta keep them out, but we really like them, and it’s great that they’re brown,’ and ‘sorry,’” he said. “Then the right takes over, and they sound racist and the left takes over, and they sound stupid.’”

“My feeling is they should open it-the border, let everybody pour in, and then the answer which is ‘well then there will be all these problems.’ Yes, there should be,” he said. “It shouldn’t be so great here, is what I’m saying, in America.”

He continued, “It’s a weird thing to sequester a certain group of people and try to keep upping their lifespan and their lifestyle and just keep trying to increase that for ‘this’ group of people,” as others suffer in poorer conditions.

Our society is motivated by hatred, in other words, and we try to conceal that by claiming that it is not our self-centeredness (individualism) propelling us forward, but altruism in a collective setting. However, these are mere dodges designed to conceal our actual motivations.

Hatred however presupposes a defensive position. It says that there is no escape from the situation, therefore the best thing to do is lash out blindly, a type of method-over-goal thinking that leads to endless repetition. Over time this makes people psychologically unbalanced.

However, it proves to be a great motivator. People want free stuff from government because most people view themselves as victims of life itself. They believe that some kind of fix is owed to them for their victim status. They resent others who do not need this, and want to victimize them.

They have seized upon diversity as their weapon. It tears down anyone who is having a good life and replaces them with many equal people living mediocre lives. Like socialism itself, it represents an averaging of the people in the civilization in order to reduce conflict and increase commerce.

This New Order formed of our postwar morality of human rights has now begun its death process because none of it works well in reality, something that takes almost two centuries to discover:

This new edifice has been built around three principal pillars: First, the ethical primacy of global obligation over national self-interest, in economic and geopolitical terms, but most directly and consequentially in a rejection of the morality of national borders and an embrace of something like open-door immigration. Second, a quasi-biblical belief in climate catastrophism, in which man’s essential energy-consuming sinfulness can be expiated only by massive sacrifice of economic progress. Third, a wholesale cultural self-cancellation in which the virtues, values and historic achievements of traditional civilization are rejected and replaced by a cultural hierarchy that inverts old prejudices and obliges the class of white, male heterosexuals to acknowledge their history of exploitation and submit to comprehensive social and economic reparation.

And to think, all of this just to keep a mixed economy socialist state functioning! As it turns out, not only is this new morality of the New World Order failing, but it also is not moral; in fact, it like colonialism and slavery represents a convenient bourgeois non-solution to the problem of diversity being logically paradoxical and therefore dysfunctional.

With diversity, no one really belongs to a nation. We were born there, and that is all we can really say, since there is no ethnic lineage that is associated with the society, only many ethnic groups competing for power because their choice is to conquer or be conquered, and no one wants to survive or expire at the whim of another group.

Even more, we can see how a sense of belonging is necessary for people to function, and diversity steals it from them:

That is, when individual students felt a greater sense of belonging to their school, they tended to also report greater resilience one year later.

When a school had a higher proportion of students reporting a sense of belonging, it demonstrated higher school-average resilience one year later.

There was also evidence of a reciprocal relationship between students’ sense of belonging and their resilience—that is, increases in school belonging were associated with greater resilience one year later and vice versa.

No one has a sense of belonging under diversity, but everyone has the sense of bourgeois entitlement and a desire to get ahead through social manipulation. This creates an alienated society where the most intelligent refuse to reproduce, bringing about the “revenge” of the masses in future generations.

The loss of this sense of belonging is what propels the system, which needs scapegoats in order to keep its resentment alive, just like it needs talismans formed of methods pretending to be goals like “equality” in order to maintain the veneer of moral superiority through altruism.

At its core however is simply the desire to rise in permanent civilization through socializing and peer pressure. People want to misdirect others to false goals, while cheating on the rules, making others pay for it, and hiding their intentions so that they do not face consequences, and altruistic individualism provides this for them.

Not surprisingly, this creates a society that consumes itself as the ideological fervor and creedal passion spread, causing people to reject not just reality in favor of their symbolic ideology, but to use each other as consumable, disposable means to getting ahead:

For years, recruiting young people into the movement felt like a win-win, he said: new energy for the movement and the chance to give a person a lease on a newly liberated life, dedicated to the pursuit of justice. But that’s no longer the case. “I got to a point like three years ago where I had a crisis of faith, like, I don’t even know, most of these spaces on the left are just not — they’re not healthy. Like all these people are just not — they’re not doing well,” he said. “The dynamic, the toxic dynamic of whatever you want to call it — callout culture, cancel culture, whatever — is creating this really intense thing, and no one is able to acknowledge it, no one’s able to talk about it, no one’s able to say how bad it is.”

Another leader said the strife has become so destructive that it feels like an op. “I’m not saying it’s a right-wing plot, because we are incredibly good at doing ourselves in, but — if you tried — you couldn’t conceive of a better right-wing plot to paralyze progressive leaders by catalyzing the existing culture where internal turmoil and microcampaigns are mistaken for strategic advancement of social impact for the millions of people depending on these organizations to stave off the crushing injustices coming our way,” said another longtime organization head. “Progressive leaders cannot do anything but fight inside the orgs, thereby rendering the orgs completely toothless for the external battles in play. … Everyone is scared, and fear creates the inaction that the right wing needs to succeed in cementing a deeply unpopular agenda.”

We see the same thing in socialist societies: people informing on other people for not being ideologically passionate enough, which like the witch hunts of the seventeenth century, allows people to find a pretext for taking what others have, including the coveted positions in the bureaucratic hierarchy.

A society of this nature proves to be psychologically abusive, which in the way that the abused become abusers, suggests a primal abuse event caused by the enforced unity with a social group of people of unequal ability. When you are thrown into constant conflict, the resulting trauma induces a desire for pacifism at any cost, which leads to “equality.”

Dumber people tend to be more solipsistic. They are smart enough to think themselves gods, but not intelligent enough to see the many possibilities beyond the immediate, so their thinking stops there, and they start to act like sociopaths, treating others as consumables or tools to be used for their own pleasure.

In this way, egalitarian societies mimic pathologically codependent narcissistic familial structures:

“The parent is not able to perceive the inner world or the psychological reality of that kid as an individual person,” she told Insider. “Instead, they look at themselves and their children as units.” It’s common for these parents refer to their kids as members of the family rather than independent people.

Enmeshment in families can be tough to spot because it can mirror closeness. But the danger is that children grow up not knowing how to handle their own problems and make their own choices, which extends to relationships outside their family.

Because children raised in enmeshed families are discouraged from making independent decisions, they often don’t know how to navigate the world when their parents aren’t around.

We have the false love (altruism) covering a desire to manipulate (individualism) with enforced helplessness because one must wait on the herd to come to awareness, make decisions, and then enforce them, which it rarely does because groups of individualists are all busy working on their own advancement at the expense of others.

This society uses peer pressure to force the perception of normalcy despite its dysfunction, thus reifying adoption through the group acting in concert — as if centralized — in pursuit of its symbols. We are all being gaslit by a dysfunctional society that tells us all things are normal even as it is falling apart.

All it takes in such a society to convey legitimacy is the presence of a Crowd even if they are not a numerical majority, because of the appearance/optics of widespread support:

According to Peterside Adol Dakuku a Nigerian politician, across the globe, crowds serve the same purpose in politics. “A show of strength, influence the people’s minds, create the perception of popular support and acceptance, and generate media buzz and optics. It has nothing to do with believing in the candidate, his cause, or even campaign message, and it is only for the non-discerning to judge the possible outcome of an election with a crowd at campaign rallies,” Dakuku says.

In the US, former president Donald Trump has accused the media of undercutting him by not showing his big crowds. “You’re so negative,” he accused the media. “These are the biggest rallies we’ve ever had. You just come in here with that negative attitude.”

People in the grips of anti-realistic systems like equality cannot perceive reality because to do so would be to reject the system in which they find themselves living. They must reject reality in order to affirm reality, so they do so in ever-widening circles of democratization, including first wealth, then sex, then ethnicity, and then race.

In this way, much as “language is a virus” (William S. Burroughs) it turns out that ideology, optics, and peer pressure are the same virus: people crave a lack of conflict, and being tied together by permanent civilization, see no way out except to manipulate with deception.

We call this control because it limits methods in order to change thinking. That is, if conflict is bad, people think of alternatives to conflict, usually passive-aggression, but in doing so they reprogram themselves to being oriented toward avoiding conflict at any cost and therefore, never thinking of it in a positive way.

Through this pathology, we can see how the virus of socializing infects the human host and turns them into zombie slaves to carry out its will at their own expense:

The study revealed Sapria and Balanophora have lost 38% and 28% of their genomes respectively, while evolving to become holoparasitic—record shrinkages for flowering plants.

“The extent of similar, but independent gene losses observed in Balanophora and Sapria is striking,” said Dr. Chen. “It points to a very strong convergence in the genetic evolution of holoparasitic lineages, despite their outwardly distinct life histories and appearances, and despite their having evolved from different groups of photosynthetic plants.”

Most astonishingly, genes related to the synthesis of a major plant hormone, abscisic acid (ABA), which is responsible for plant stress responses and signaling, have been lost in parallel in Balanophora and Sapria. Despite this, the researchers still recorded accumulation of the ABA hormone in flowering stems of Balanophora, and found that genes involved in the response to ABA signaling are still retained in the parasites.

People who have lost much of their ability to think — whether through genetic, biological, or social engineering processes — have simpler mentation and therefore tend toward simpler solutions. Their answer seems to universally be to portray themselves as victims and use this to manipulate others in a codependent relationship.

This shows us a group that has already become demoralized, or lost the hope of a positive outcome. They believe nothing good will come their way, therefore they stunt their thinking to the reactive and resentful level, using this to oppose any change to their personal desires at the expense of others.

In this way, we see what the people without an honest sense of belonging suffer: they experience no actual positive feedback, so they find a way to make negativity into a value, which consists in accumulating material possessions, power, and social status as a way to compensate for the void within.

We can see how this works by studying pleasure feedback loops such as the flow of dopamine through the brain:

Dopamine is associated with a number of aspects of reward learning and action selection. The neurotransmitter also plays a role in various mental disorders and is important for one’s own motivation. According to one theory, dopamine regulates how much effort is spent on actions, or how quickly they are performed.

In addition to its well-known functions, dopamine also seems to regulate a speed-accuracy trade-off. This describes the complex relation between a person’s willingness to react slowly and make relatively fewer mistakes, and their willingness to react quickly and make relatively more mistakes. The scientists were able to show that when dopamine release was elevated pharmacologically, the parameter that represents this speed-accuracy trade-off was reduced under both L-dopa and Haloperidol. This effect was stronger the faster the participants made decisions.

One always wonders which came first, the chicken or the egg, which is a way of asking the causal question of whether dopamine is the cause or result of brain activity.

In any case, it seems clear that those who lack a positive orientation cannot think quickly and therefore are more likely to default to primitive behaviors such as victimhood, grifting, manipulation, and other pillars of the temple of equality.

This allows us to see that at their core, both equality and diversity are negative movements. They are not here to create a new Utopia as they claim, but to destroy that which they blame for the victimhood of those who believe in them. This creates a passive-aggressive war against the civilization itself:

There’s no real multiculturalism; it’s monocultural. The agenda is not non-Western; it’s anti-Western. At Stanford, for instance, multicultural initiatives were funded by slashing the budgets of the university’s foreign-language departments. You don’t have diversity when you gather people who look different but talk and think alike.

Equality created diversity; individualism created equality; sad people created individualism. When one thinks of the future of human civilization, it becomes clear that removing the miserable people and malcontents from society is necessary before they infect others with their voracious self-destructive pathology.

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