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Equality Means Triage

We know how things went under the Jacobins and Soviets, a pattern we might describe as the equality cycle:

  1. Declare equality: equality exists to hide the desire for individualism, so that people can do what they want without consequences, but they extend it to the herd like a gift in order to hide their own selfishness, as is the case with all public altruism.
  2. Equity shuttle: equality can only be proven by equity, so as long as poor, deranged, promiscuous, or dysfunctional people remain, government reaches out its benevolent hand to help them, increasing taxes and decreasing economic function.
  3. Equal poverty: at a certain point, government has taken all that it can, and so benefits are cut even to the most marginalized because society cannot afford them despite the raises in fees and taxes.
  4. Economic collapse: the increased burden takes a third or more of every transaction and paralyzes the economy, plus the newly subsidized stop showing up to work, so the economy stops producing and the population begins starving.
  5. Militarization: in order to make people work, the guns come out, and in order to mobilize an increasingly apathetic and dispirited society, the political elites enforce mass mobilization against enemies real or imagined.
  6. Totalitarianism: it becomes clear that the system is not working but now a quarter of the population are fully vested in it, so they approve increasing repression, police action, and militarization in order to remain in power.
  7. Thirdworlding: the more government cracks down, the more people passively resist by doing the minimum and engaging in everyday sabotage of the system like black markets, gambling, and alcoholism, causing all institutions to become mostly dysfunctional.

By the time France and Russia were done with their little experiment, they awoke as failed world powers even if they could continue projecting force simply by shipping a large number of their citizens abroad as conscripts.

We can see the same thing real time with diversity, which is properly known as genetic egalitarianism, since it requires the same shuttle cycle of free stuff and then triage of those services as the new equal diverse population fails to implement them.

Today’s example comes from South Africa where they have trouble keeping the power on under diversity, and now have cut back services to the point where vital institutions can no longer function:

In its judgment, the court said there had been “repeated breaches by the state of its constitutional and statutory duties and that these breaches are continuing to infringe on citizens’ rights to healthcare, security and education”.

The judgment was the result of an application brought by the UDM, other opposition parties, NGOs and individuals. Detailing how load-shedding affected healthcare, security and education, judge Norman Davis — on behalf of a full bench — said the right to basic education was an unqualified right under the constitution. The consequences of load-shedding were particularly keenly felt in rural and township schools, he said.

“Often, due to no alternate sources of electricity being available (generally, in contrast to private schools), these schools close down for a particular day, thereby not only depriving learners of education, but also of their only guaranteed meal of the day,” said the judgment.

With diversity, you enter a stage similar to full-on Jacobinism or Communism: the schools exist to feed people in the socialist ideal, and since the equal citizens cannot keep the power functioning, courts issue impotent orders to demand more blood be squeezed from the stone.

We might call this the diversity cycle: diversity is achieved, the equity shuttle kicks in, racial grievances militarize the population, and then economic collapse in parallel with institutional collapse leads to permanent third world status.

In the same way, during its final days the Soviet Union cracked down on people failing to provide food, which resulted in forged paperwork and glowing promises from local authorities, but never increased their food supply, requiring them to import capitalist grain to survive.

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