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Equality Makes Loneliness

Looking out there, it seems amazing how quickly democracy fell apart.

Despite all of the attempts to blame capitalism, The Jews,™ rich people, technology, Freemasons, Africans, Satan, and crypto-Communism for our downfall, it becomes clear that democracy drove people insane and now everything is defective.

This society can no longer produce a decently working operating system, vehicle, food item, or book worth reading. Our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats at every level are afraid to buck any trend, so we get mass conformity.

Every job has been regulated into a tiny little role that mostly involves going to meetings and only occasionally producing something. Increasingly these go to minorities, women, and sexual nonconformists.

People no longer breed at healthy rates. They blame the length of education for it, but quite simply, good people no longer meet each other, and when they do, it takes a decade for them to overcome their mental fug enough to breed.

Even when they do, they do so ambivalently, if at all. Life is miserable underneath its glitzy surface, and anyone who notices gets called a loser; who wants to condemn a new generation to that fate?

Right now most of your fellow citizens are defending the much-debunked COVID-19 narrative because otherwise they have to feel like losers. They liked the little power trip of self-importance that a fake pandemic gave them.

They do not want to give up that power, but even more, if they admit that they are wasting their time supporting a system that is not only corrupt but incompetent and basically insane, they are going to feel like losers to the tenth power.

The really upsetting thing, in my view, is that the loneliness of equality stood revealed during the panicdemic. Many people discovered that they were not much more isolated when locked down at home and unable to exchange facial expressions in public.

After all, almost all socializing is fake anyway because ideology is the elephant in the room. People turn on you if you have the wrong opinions, so it is best to say nothing of substance, which means that you cannot have meaningful relationships at all, only partnerships of convenience.

Even more, in equality, you can only lose your position. The Crowd may change its whims and select someone else to take your place because they have even more correct opinions.

All human societies die the same way: they narrow all of life to a question of methods so that humans can control each other. If you are conforming and doing what everyone else is doing, you are accepted.

If not, you get destroyed by the Crowd. But even if accepted, you have nothing, since you are doing the same thing as everyone else. This requires that you pull stunts to draw attention drama to yourself.

The people who succeed socially in equality world tend to be those who make a soap opera of their lives. They act out their emotions on stage like thespians, have crises and over-emphasize their successes, and make their trivial events into well-styled advertisements for themselves.

In a society which regulates its people based on method, the ur-method of power rules. From that you can get status (social power) and wealth (legal, political, and economic power). You must be popular to do this.

Your popularity however depends on the Crowd. If they approve, you rise. If they do not, you go down a notch, and the Crowd loves to attack people in a weakened position so that it can fulfill its fantasies of revenge and self-importance.

Should you get down-notched, eventually you end up at the state of Merely Equal like everyone else, which is a nice way of saying anonymously laboring away in your cookie-cutter suburb or condo while dying slowly of a lack of human contact.

To be equal is to be alone and to live an inconsequential life, at which point the existential pressures of being anonymous, forgotten, and isolate start to destroy your self-esteem. Your loss of external power means a loss of internal power.

After all, Control works by changing the methods that you can use in order to reprogram your mind. Once you accept that devil’s bargain, you have become an individualist, or one who makes changes in the world in order to bolster his own mental state.

However, when those changes turn against him, he has nothing inside to stand up to the Crowd and make himself feel good. He collapses within, seeing nothing but meaninglessness, and turns self-destructive.

This means that whether you succeed or not, your life is lonely and empty. If you win, you are using people, which means they are insincere and you are alone. If you do not win, you are simply alone and used by others.

We think that equality means “everyone is accepted” but what it really means is that everyone has equal nothing. Some climb above for awhile, but everyone eventually ends up alone, isolated, with no true friends and honest conversations.

Even before COVID-19, the carcass of the West was decomposing from loneliness. Now that process has accelerated, especially since we realize that all that fame and popularity entail is fake just like the panicdemic.

We have nothing, and are nothing, without any reason to like ourselves, in the dystopian wasteland created by equality.

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