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Dying empires need slave castes

An excellent point from an unusual source:

Those who form the majority population of a territory will rule that territory, no matter how powerful a ruling elite may be. They will determine its culture and society. A majority-European population will create a society that reflects European values and norms. A majority-African population will create a society that reflects African norms.

If the Boers had inhabited and worked their own land rather than rely on black labor, the states they created might still be strong and independent today. Their decision to use non-white labor was a critical error that undid all of the sacrifices of the early pioneers.

The only way to maintain a civilization is for the majority to occupy its own land with its own people, and to do its own manual labor.

American Renaissance

Racism is the belief that some people should be your servants because of their race. It leads to slavery, or a kind of outcaste serfdom, and eventually, demographic ruin.

Nationalism is the belief that each nation needs its own ethnicity, bonded to its own culture, to resist capitalism and communism and other “hands free” methods of self-regulation.

Even more than nationalism is the knowledge that among an ethnic group, people need to be roughly equal in ability — or class war breaks out. People who have radically lower ability will be unable to compete, and they’ll counterattack with charges of oppression, whether true or not.

An ideal nation would consist of people of roughly similar ability and health and beauty, thus eliminating the strain of those with less being irate at those gifted by nature with more. That would be the realistic version of the “equality” liberals like to talk about; you can’t apply reality after the fact, or you end up hobbling the strong to preserve the weak.

That doesn’t sound bad until you think about society as an organism which must thrive or machine which must keep going. If you have a fleet of one thousand cars, you don’t sell off the new flawless ones and keep the junkers. If you have a field of trees, you don’t kill the healthy ones so you can nourish the runts. You pick the best and make more of them. That is how societies rise.

Against that idea, there are many dumb ideas which have a common root: wanting to deny reality. One of the dumbest of these ideas is that you can find nearby humans, discover they’re dumb, and use them as disposable labor, and not have it come back to bite you in the hindquarters.


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