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Dumb it down, because the nuclear option awaits

Two Chesapeake police organizations on Wednesday threatened to sue the city if it voids recent test results that would propel 30 men – none of them black – toward the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant.

“This test involved knowledge of policies and procedures necessary to become a supervisor,” Imprevento said of the promotion exams. “The same policies and procedures are available for all to review as police officers.

“It is my belief that any invalidation of these results would be based strictly on race…. The test was race-neutral.”

Hampton Roads

To create equality, you either act on a level of cause, and promote the people with the right levels of ability.

Either that, or you use equality as an excuse to dumb everything down.

Since you have the “nuclear option” of calling someone a racist if they don’t comply, it’s easy to force most police departments to dumb it down.

Luckily this department is not; they recognize that they’re endangering the public by promoting incompetence for the sake of public appearance.

Even the most radical civil-rights-agenda individual needs to recognize that it is possible to have a weak batch of applicants, or a city where it’s hard to find qualified minorities.

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