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Donald Trump is the Matthias Rust of the Dying Democracy Regime

Back in the dying days of the Cold War, a German teenager named Matthias Rust piloted his single-engine plane past the most formidable radar network in history, landing in Red Square and revealing how incompetent the Soviet system was underneath the bluster.

Thirty years later, Donald Trump went onstage surrounded by Uniparty members from Republicans and Democrats, both of whom were playing their roles in the drama by repeating 1960s dogmas, and spoke the hard truth about immigration and government control of our economy.

He is the Matthias Rust of our era. By getting past the defenses, and showing how things are functioning badly despite the propaganda blitz, he revealed that those in power were not just manipulating with their words, but are incompetent and will make things end badly because they are oblivious to consequences.

They tell us that diversity is our strength; Trump countered with the idea that we need migrants who are not from sithole countries. They tell us that immigration is good; Trump points out that it is a criminal invasion. They preach a doctrine of more government regulations, job creation, and six-figure bureaucrats; he shows it does nothing good for us.

The far-Right basically vanished as an effective force because Trump mainstreamed all of its issues in less extreme forms. The core of the far-Right is ethno-nationalism, and now we are talking about how 1980s non-diverse America worked better than our present version.

History will remember Trump for this act above all else because he effectively used a judo throw to turn the weight of the system against it. Now, everything that it says is true will be presumed to be incorrect, and people are awakening and staggering out of the cave into the painful sunlight.

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