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DiversityWatch (October 24, 2023)


  • Elite disinformation is a far greater problem than fake news on Twitter

    No society needs propaganda unless it is covering something that is not working but is asserted to be working, like diversity. Remember when every speech began with “diversity is our strength”? That is cope-hope, not realistic assessment.

  • Nestle, Volvo among 130 companies urging COP28 agreement to ditch fossil fuels

    The whole point of this exercise is to blame something other than overpopulation for The Ecocide that humanity is committing against nature. With Half Earth and a billion people, we would have minimal environmental impact. If we admit overpopulation, suddenly the warm body pump of diversity and immigration stands revealed for the ecocidal madness that it is.

  • Prominent journal editor fired for endorsing satirical article about Israel-Hamas conflict

    The first casualty of diversity is conversation. We cannot discuss real issues when many warring politically-protected special interest groups wait for a chance to be offended, since playing the victim ensures that people get power in an egalitarian system.

  • The Day the Delusions Died

    Those with “unconstrained vision” think that humans are malleable and can be perfected. They believe that social ills and evils can be overcome through collective action that encourages humans to behave better. To subscribers of this view, poverty, crime, inequality, and war are not inevitable. Rather, they are puzzles that can be solved. We need only to say the right things, enact the right policies, and spend enough money, and we will suffer these social ills no more. This worldview is the foundation of the progressive mindset.

    By contrast, those who see the world through a “constrained vision” lens believe that human nature is a universal constant. No amount of social engineering can change the sober reality of human self-interest, or the fact that human empathy and social resources are necessarily scarce. People who see things this way believe that most political and social problems will never be “solved”; they can only be managed. This approach is the bedrock of the conservative worldview.

    Lots of people are waking up to the knowledge that reality is conservative. Instead of the two divisions proposed by Sowell — malleable, improvable humanity and immutable humanity — maybe we should admit that our nature is like nature, supremely logical, and therefore ideas like diversity represent delusions that lead us to self-destruction.

  • Is There a Right of Self Determination?

    He points out that decolonizing killed more than colonialism did, and that giving these nations independence was mostly a cost-cutting move in the West. The bigger question seems to be whether giving the third world autonomy did not result in them waging war against the West. Most likely, the answer is autonomy plus decoupling, whereby the first world makes its own gadgets, recycles its own waste, grows its own food, does its own construction, and cleans its own toilets instead of relying on third world labor. This will require us to abolish unions and cut taxes and regulations so that we can afford to do these things again.

  • The State of Mental Health in America (2023)

    Research data indicates that after diversity, more Americans have mental health problems, and few experience a state of mental wellness.

  • Undocumented immigrants are allowed to vote in local elections in some municipalities

    It feels like part of a plan: bring in the illegals, then get them to vote, knowing that they will vote against the interests of the majority. Tammany Hall perfected this two centuries ago with the Irish vote.

  • Audience expectations: Study shows patrons expect to see white ballerinas

    When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you expect to see Chinese cooks. Ballet, a Western European artform, is best represented by ethnic Western Europeans.

  • Wax statue of ‘The Rock’ is fixed, museum says, after skin colour ‘improvements’ were made

    They made Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson too light-skinned when he is actually genetically a hybrid with a father who is African-Canadian/Black Nova Scotian [including Beninese] and small amount of Irish, and mother who is Samoan, as well as 1/16th Scottish.

  • US border patrol are on high alert for Hamas militants and other anti-Israel terrorists trying to cross America’s insecure southern border from Mexico, leaked government memo shows

    Strong borders make good neighbors. Porous borders mean that we have no idea who is in hte country and what they intend, but we know that they do not mind breaking our laws to get here.

  • Law prof and DEI critic stripped of teaching amid employment proceedings

    The censorship, surveillance, propaganda, canceling, and deplatforming will continue until morale improves. Academia just revealed how much it depends on DEI programs, which allow it to teach trivial stuff to minorities and get federal grants and loans for profit.

  • ‘White supremacist’ whose children are named Aryan and Nation arrested on homicide charge SEVEN months after she struck Native American woman in her Cadillac

    Victim was walking down a highway when she got hit, accused perp seems to have drug issues.




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