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DiversityWatch (October 10, 2023)



  • The Effect of Immigration on U.S. Population

    As diversity kicked in, native fertility dropped, meaning that the 20-30 million illegals we have imported are here to replace the dying Boomers and absent kids of Gen X, who gave up early on when they saw the diversity disaster wave cresting.

  • Hamas’s Barbaric Attack and the New World Disorder

    The terrorists’ objective is truly indiscriminate destruction. For them a dead Jew is a bonus, but a dead Palestinian is a trophy they can parade before credulous Western media to convey some supposed moral equivalence between their depravity and the actions of a beleaguered state seeking to preserve its very existence.

    This sounds a lot like Black Lives Matter, Kosovo, the LA Riots, South Africa, or Northern Ireland because it is the same phenomenon: diversity weaponizes groups against each other every time it is tried and with every variation on races and ethnic groups. The problem is diversity itself, not any specific race (including Whites).

  • The World Begins to Reorder Itself

    The solution to European and Eurasian political instability from WW1 through the Cold War was diversity and globalism, but now this solution has become our new problem and the next order will address it. Back to ethnonationalism!

  • Hamas terrorists ‘beheaded babies during kibbutz slaughter where 40 young children were killed’: IDF soldiers reveal families were killed in their bedrooms – ‘not in war, not a battlefield… a massacre’

    ‘It is something that I never saw in my life. It’s something that we used to imagine from our grandfathers, grandmothers in the pogrom in Europe and other places. It’s not something that happens in new history.’

    When you do not fix the cause of the problem (diversity itself) the reaction repeats itself like a bad wallpaper of gore horror for history.

  • Finland: Pipeline leak likely caused by ‘external activity’

    Europe is under attack by the Asian-Eurasian axis as well as the diversity assault from the Global South. This means war is coming.

  • Laura Loomer, One of The Internet’s Most Censored People, Launches New Show on Free Speech Platform Rumble

    Loomer is an out-of-the-closet racial nationalist. She is heavily censored, although not as heavily as we are.

  • Israel, Hamas and the weakness of the West

    Slowly democracy realizes that it is funding world conflict in the name of humanitarianism.

  • India: Is Manipur reaching a breaking point?

    Ethnic conflicts like this are going down all over the world as the globalist, diverse, and mixed economy world federalist order implodes.

  • Hamas attacks on Israel triggers debate in Germany

    They will tell you what you need to hear. Assimilated in the light, jihadist in the night.

  • Consumers Are Less Interested in Brands Taking Stances on Sociopolitical Issues, Survey Finds

    If capitalism is “evil” as Leftists pretend, then giving it a face of egalitarianism is helping hide that evil so it can do its vile work. If on the other hand “woke” and diversity are insane, as most White and hwite consumers now realize, socioeconomic activism by large corporates just furthers the neocommunist takeover, so they would prefer brands go neutral and ignore the diversity crisis.

  • German police swoop on far-right Reichsbürger group

    Democracy, falling in the flames of absent citizen faith just like the Soviet Union did, struggles to maintain control with symbolic sacrifices.

  • Polish football fans unfurl 2 massive anti-immigration banners: ‘We don’t want Berlin, Lampedusa, or France here’

    People who suffer Russian diversity have realized that ethnonationalism, like culture, is a bulwark against insane ideology, commerce, and race warfare.



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