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DiversityWatch (November 28, 2023)


  • Ex-Met officer guilty of sending racist message

    Wherever diversity goes, censorship also goes, and “hate crimes” laws expanded from stopping actual assaults to being used to destroy the lives of people who have simply noticed some of the problems of diversity. Note: it is more effective to simply say that diversity fails in any place and form, rather than attempting to be “racist,” since this targets the actual policy instead of whining about its effects. To survive we must end diversity.

  • Japan’s aging population offers a roadmap for the US economy’s inflation battle

    Everywhere democracy goes, it does the same thing: adopt free socialist stuff for people, raising costs so that they reproduce less, then to keep the Keynesian circular Ponzi scheme (KcPs) going, it brings in foreigners to replace them, resulting in a mixed-race population with the least-mixed at the top. Progress!

  • Conor McGregor Says Irish Won’t “Tolerate” Endless Mass Migration

    The real puzzler for historians will be how the voters slept through the process by which diversity was announced, clearly with intent to replace them, and then increasingly became the solution to the excessive spending of the welfare state, while immigration numbers went up. If any diversity is permitted, it leads to slow genetic erasure of the founding population. This is not evolution, but a step away from the challenges of evolution and a descent into the genetic and social chaos of the third world. This is degeneration as a population becomes contented enough to ignore real problems and focus on neurosis. But most of all, it is a failure of leadership by the voters, some of whom have now realized the horse is now on a neighboring continent so it is a good time to slam that barn door real hard. Maybe they can play the victim and get free stuff from democracy.

  • Humor, Ridicule, and the Far Right: Mainstreaming Exclusion Through Online Animation

    Our findings suggest that the frivolity and irony of the online animated genre works to stretch the boundaries of the sayable, potentially making the content more palatable to non-far-right audiences.

    Same function it served in the Soviet Union and Jacobin France: humor allows us to make fun of how far our political symbolism has diverged from observable reality. The censors have made sure we cannot talk about this any other way, and the Crowd keeps promoting experts and studies to deny what we clearly see, so now we linger at the fringes, saying what is obvious, and even some of the normies are nodding. Regime Change is inbound.

  • Advertisers Don’t Want Sites Like Jezebel to Exist

    When the Crowd decides that it wants more egalitarianism, it demonizes anything that stands in the way, and so government and business followed. You are not victims ruled by oppressors, but people who keep pursuing illusions that lead to your ruin. “Brand safety” is the new way to exclude anything controversial, like enforced euphemism essentially, which defends the bourgeois pathology of denying any problems that require getting up from the armchair while embracing symbolic feel-good and feel-bad activities in order to have some sense of emotion or relevance as a participant in what is essentially a static and degenerating society. They used it first against those who mentioned genetic differences between social classes, then against those who mentioned genetic differences between racial and ethnic groups, and now they are using it against anyone who mentions any unpopular item that suggest we must get up from our armchairs and fix the democracy we used to ruin civilization, fellow voters.

  • Crackdown on French far right urged after boy’s killing sparks protests

    When diversity fails, democracy does what it always does and finds a scapegoat. If they crush those who notice that the system is failing, the armchair covenant — by which we support whatever does not force us to get up from the comfy armchair, and demonize whatever makes us wake up and move — stays intact. Our society is dying of obesity of a different sort, caused by mental inaction from fear of what the Crowd will do when we notice that democracy, equality, atomization, diversity, and socialism (DEADS) have betrayed us and are destroying us.

  • X/Twitter booted out of Australia’s disinformation-fighting club

    Governments have created censorship and propaganda bureaus (under the guise of fighting “disinformation” and “misinformation,” fancy terms for anything that disagrees with the Narrative and its Agenda) in order to ensure “brand safety” for diversity and socialism, since the former justifies the latter in multicultural societies. As more people break away from the feelings bubble in which we pretend nothing is wrong and we are not genetically degenerating into obese hominids because that is the ideal of individualism, the censorship bureaus are being forced to designate “official” sources which are quickly going to die the same death that propaganda did in the Soviet Union. With the internet, we do not need to purchase newspapers in order to have toilet paper.

  • Team Biden’s great double quarter pounder ‘misinformation’ campaign

    Apparently some guy named Flaherty — most likely Irish, a Semitic population from North Africa that moved into a small island off the English coast and hybridized with primitive farmers in order to form a drunken third world society — has been coordinating the Biden administration censorship and propaganda program with Big Tech giants and the media “missed” the story. Rest assured that they are doing the same with anti-diversity information and race realist, human biodiversity, and race science information.

  • The Fight for the Future of Publishing

    But again and again, those in the New York literary universe explained to me that it was my job to tell stories that furthered The Narrative—their narrative. It didn’t matter, in their view, that the stories they were publishing were detached from reality—or, in some cases, turning reality upside down. What mattered was educating the masses, the idiots outside New York.

    The new dogma, industry insiders told me, is two-pronged: books should advance the narrative that people of color are victims of white supremacy; and nonblack and non-Latino authors should avoid characters who are black and Latino—even if their characters toe the officially approved narrative. (White authors who write about black or Latino people oppressed by white people have been accused of exploiting their characters’ trauma.)

    Diversity dogma just ate the publishing industry because “educated” elites, or those who repeat what is convenient for the bureaucracy so that the bourgeois can remain in their mental armchairs, insist on bleat-repeating old 1960s material because it is approved by the state and the audience that wants to hear that everything is going well instead of paying attention to the observable reality that things have been going badly and are getting much, much worse.

  • Dreams can vary across cultures and environments, anthropologist finds

    Am I a “cultural relativist”? You bet; relativity, not equality, rules our world. There is no evidence of one universal truth, morality, or language that fits all people, mainly because culture is genetic and we differ widely on that basis. Even basic math is understood differently, with each perspective having varying degrees of correspondence to reality, and some genetic cultures see more than others. What works for a group is what it needs, and each group finds a balance and then invents truths, facts, moralities, and languages to support that vision. It turns out that genetics also influences cognition and mental processing itself. We are not the same, nor are we equal, and it turns out that most likely, complex species are as different on an ethnic level as simpler species are from one another.

  • Social Security Overpays Billions Under Leadership of Racial Equity Activist

    They call it overpayment, but it seems suspiciously like wealth transfer, which is the only method of “racial equity” recognized by minority groups. If they can take money from other groups, weakening those groups in the process, and enjoy it themselves, that feels like victory at least in the short term.

  • New research on 1960 Sharpeville massacre shows the number of dead and injured was massively undercounted

    Historically revisionists claim crowd in South Africa race riot turned into mass shooting were “mostly peaceful,” which many of us find hard to accept because these same people always turn minorities into beatific angels while portraying White people in the worst possible light.

  • ‘No one would ever speak up again’: UK Servicewomen feel military culture stops them from reporting sexual assault

    Seems like having women in the military is a bad idea. Combine the two sexes in an environment of violence, and you get aggressive behaviors across the board including sexually, although it seems like at least some of these are simply drunk sluts who create problems wherever they go and then play the victim. If they look more closely, they will most likely find that sexual assaults are not confined to one sex, and that people who behave as if they were not interested in drunk slutty sex avoid them for the most part.

  • Germans have become welfare piggy bank for immigrants, new government data reveals

    Someone finally states the obvious: they are coming here for the free stuff, and when 62% of the welfare recipients in your country are from a recently-arrived foreign minority, it becomes clear that soft-hearted and soft-headed democracy has committed yet another boo-boo in its desire for the ultimate armchair lifestyle, i.e. anarchy with grocery stores that someone else pays for administered by a paternalistic bureaucracy.

  • New Data: 2023 DEI Trends & 2024 Opportunities

    Companies were keeping DIE data as a way of fending off lawsuits, but have backed off from that, probably because to make the data look good, they were having to further advance the competence crisis by promoting people on the basis of race alone, weakening the organizations overall.

  • Singer Gil Ofarim admits he lied about antisemitic incident

    False “hate crimes” have been the norm for awhile now because they are like an instant ticket to fame in the victimhood olympics that occurs in egalitarian societies. When a society wants equality, it can only prove it through equity, so since it cannot lift up the lower it takes from the higher and gives to the lower, which means that only victims win, so it is best to become a victim early and often so that society pities you and gives you nice things. If your career is flagging, a sexual assault or diversity incident can boost those low numbers!

  • After Iowa Board of Regents abolish higher ed DEI initiatives, high-paid deans on chopping block

    Everywhere it goes, bureaucracy invents socialism and diversity program in order to create more highly-paid bureaucrat jobs, and when the lid gets popped off the scam, there is lots of weeping and wailing but nothing gets worse after these people are fired.

  • Koch Network Backs Haley in Bid to Block Trump From 2024 GOP Nomination

    The Establishment wants more diversity and international socialism. They expect that this will further their business model, and therefore they will rule this, although as history shows us, they are most likely wrong and will simply find themselves in gulags or mass graves. Peasants pretending to be thinkers — this covers most “intellectuals” — are reality-deniers, therefore self-destructive, and they seem to specialize in inventing clever ways of taking over the world that then get them executed.

  • Discrimination during pregnancy can affect infant’s brain circuitry

    Researchers send out questionnaires and everyone responding whose kids turned out weird promptly finds a scapegoat. In reality, stress probably can have all sorts of effects on the infant, but anytime discrimination questionnaires come up, people fill them out in order to portray themselves as victims and not simply mentally disorganized people who did something badly and got bad results.

  • What a Drop in Promotions for Black Workers Says About Corporate Diversity Efforts

    It seems the results are bad for diversity nepotism, which hires people for being of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sex, or sexual orientation and retcons the backstory to support a claim to their plausible competence, in addition to inflating their accomplishments so that no one seems “racist.” The fear of racism and government laws that punish “disparate impact” pushed business into a situation where it took on a lot of deskwarmers who now are running its various companies into the ground. Not surprisingly, business is falling back on hiring people who can get the job done, and will create a DIE department to hire lots of smiling non-White non-heterosexual non-male and non-conservative faces.

  • Cities crack down on homeless encampments. Advocates say that’s not the answer

    No one wants to state the obvious, so once more into the breach: the homeless are alcoholics with mental health problems. This is why we called them “winos” back in the day, because they drank the bottom-vat skimmings resold as MD 20/20 and Thunderbird. If you give them anything, they will defecate on it and ruin it. They do not have a plan. They are merely existing. The best thing you can do for them is provide a campground behind a liquor store and drop all liquor taxes there so that they can make enough money to stay drunk until the inevitable health problems turn them into decomposing cadavers.

  • Censorship in science: a new paper and analysis

    Scientists act out of herd morality in order to advance “prosocial” ideas, effectively cutting off large avenues of science because they contradict humanism, which is collectivized humanism that opposes having real-world goals because that disadvantages some humans. This explains why for the past century scientists have been busy producing false data and blocking papers which talk about race, IQ, ethnicity, and the consequences of diversity, until Robert Putnam took my 1990s advice and analyzed diversity as a social phenomenon having psychological consequences.

  • Niger junta revokes law aimed at curbing migration to Europe

    The third world is holding the first world hostage by sending hordes of migrants to the incompetent, doddering, and greedy bureaucrats who promptly make them into welfare recipients in order to provide a bulletproof justication — anti-“racism” — for keeping the whole Keynesian scam float.

  • Genes influence whether infants prefer to look at faces or non-social objects

    Yet again, nature trumps nurture. One wonders if you get a few of these autism-like genes combined with aggression genes in sociopaths. Even more, this puts away the idea that we can “teach empathy” and otherwise reprogram nature with propaganda, guilt, and shame.

  • Finland seals border with Russia amid migrant crisis

    Read this one literally. Immigration and diversity are being used as weapons of war by the Sino-Russian axis that seeks to destroy what is left of the West. The Eurasians are still butthurt after their defeat in the Cold War and coming back for round two, even though this will end in the ruin of all.


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