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DiversityWatch (November 2, 2023)


  • Venezuelan migrants accused of stealing nearly $3K in merchandise from Oak Brook Macy’s

    Are these poor tired refugees escaping poverty? No, they are people coming here to break your laws, take your stuff, conquer you, and ultimately, destroy you.

  • These American birds and dozens more will be renamed, to remove human monikers

    Because our society is dying and everyone knows it, we must signal extra hard that we are somehow virtuous and progressive by removing all the names given to birds which might be “racist” now or in some future time.

  • ‘Mao’s America’ author Xi Van Fleet reveals how US is on the verge of becoming a communist state like China

    The third world is not a race per se. It is what is left of many races after they were hollowed out and miscegenated by the relentless individualism (not commerce, although it expresses through that) of the type of people who proliferate like a waste pool in permanent agricultural civilizations because it is easier to live there by manipulating others than it is to face nature. China, powered by selfishness, invented empires designed to manage people for their comfort not its comfort by removing the influence of culture that creates a hierarchy of those who know better, and that, hybridized with the Mongol system, lives on today in its communist-consumerist (neocommunist) government.

  • Judge orders new Bridgeport mayoral primary after surveillance videos show possible ballot stuffing

    The Trump magic worked indirectly as usual. The Left has been using its diversity workers, who have no allegiance to the nation and therefore are honesty-challenged, to drum up tens of thousands of votes from the elderly, alcoholic, dead, non compos mentis, insane, and incarcerated. Now that the disinfecting sunlight shines on this process, they are having trouble keeping up the charade.

  • Unmasking the True Costs of Electric Vehicles

    The diversity economy runs entirely on government subsidies because it is no longer productive except in a technical sense of work-hours, debts-as-assets, and churn projects achieved. The diversity intends to drain the wealth from the former ruling group, the founding tribe of WASPs, before it consumes them.

  • Feds black out nearly all emails on who influenced proposal to ‘gut’ charter school program

    Leftists realize that if a functional charter school program descends on public education, the White, Asian, and Jewish students will bail and leave the Amerinds/Asians, Africans, Arabs, and mixes stranded in public schools whose average scores will resemble those in Mexico or Russia more than Western Europe.

  • Standing Against the Totalitarian Horde at Home and Abroad

    These nice well-intentioned people have no idea that to the Left, totalitarianism is considered ideal because it enforces equality and removes “racism.”

  • Target CEO says shoppers are pulling back, even on groceries

    Spending all our money on an election-season COVID19 panic, BLM riots, and other diversity and anti-poverty expenditures has bankrupted us, and now the world is less interested in buying our debt.

  • Prison watchdog urges reform to tackle Indigenous over-incarceration

    As we say around here, “equity is the only proof accepted that equality has been achieved,” and on the converse, this means that “disparate impact” style thinking will hold that if results are different between ethnic groups, “racism” is the cause, when often rampant crime from low average IQ, alcoholism, and poverty is responsible.

  • The art world is eating itself

    The political controversy made necessary by diversity has made public communications inherently controversial, which means that art, culture, politics, and even business will do their best to avoid substantive issues. Our hollow cultureless plastic modern social wasteland has been created by diversity.

  • The ‘biggest threat to global order since the 1930s’ is underway and every CEO is talking about it

    The business world sees all the signs of another world war brewing. It seems that the idea of worldwide democracy (globalism) and diversity has brought us worse conflict, not better conflict. Even more, it seems that Mutually Assured Destruction and nationalism — despite appearing to be harbingers of the Apocalypse to the Left — in fact kept conflicts at a manageable level.

  • Joe Biden got $40K from bro James in ‘laundered’ China funds: Comer

    The Biden scandals are stacking up, just as Trump warned. WW3 looms from the corners of fractured international politics. Racial and sexual resentment have intensified, not calmed down, with our appeasement efforts. Globalism failed with the COVID-19 panic, and the international order is struggling under the weight of Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. Diversity brought on mass immigration crises in EU, UK, and US. Every first world nation is laden with debt, facing a competence crisis because of affirmative action, and deeply in future debt to rotting infrastructure. Nothing is good; everything is screaming into the abyss. We are headed for Regime Change.




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