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DiversityWatch (November 12, 2023)


  • Dutch election candidates make migration a key campaign issue in the crowded Netherlands

    Everywhere diversity goes, it unifies the intelligent and attentive people against it once it slips past that liminal 20% of the population. And everywhere this happens, they are outnumbered and outvoted, therefore cannot do anything but chip away against a problem that requires decisive, powerful, and centralized action.

  • Trump plotting massive migrant sweeps, mega detention camps if elected: report

    Somehow it bothers people that we might enforce our laws and therefore start caring about what we write into law. In reality, diversity has failed, everyone knows it, and now we are slowly building up the political will to end it.

  • Latvia’s president says West must arm Ukraine to keep Russia from future global adventures

    Baltic nations know exactly what Russia is up to when it wants to resurrect the USSR. It is going to take back its former territories, build up its military, and shake down the world for more dosh with the aid of China keeping the West hostage to possible wars. The Right in America did exactly what Russia-China wanted by opposing aid to Ukraine, which is funny because we know Russia-China owns the Democrats, and that means then that the Uniparty is actually just China bribing both sides.

  • Tory civil war deepens as critics blame Suella Braverman for right-wing violence at pro-Palestinian march – but supporters say it proves she was right to call for march to be banned on Armistice Day

    This poor lady simply observed that if you have two or more groups that want to kill each other and the White majority, you should probably not combine all three in the same place when emotions are running high. This commonsense observation runs afoul of both human rights law and the Leftist desire for revenge however.

  • Long walk to school: 30 years into freedom, many kids in South Africa still walk miles to class

    They told us that the reason for Black poverty in South Africa was apartheid; it turns out that it was simply Black poverty, which we see in White groups of similar average IQs. Until your society gets above a hundred or more average IQ points, modern society remains out of reach, and for most people in the third world with high mutation/outbreeding load, the sanity required to appreciate this is also out of reach.

  • Washington DC CVS replaces shelves of toilet paper with framed photos of products amid rising thefts

    How well is diversity working? Well, we turned the entire nation into a prison state so that we could minimize the constant theft, assault, vandalism, open defecation, drug use, violence, arson, riots, and parasitic sabotage that are part of the race war inherent to any society with more than one ethnic group in it.

  • Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs. It Isn’t Working.

    More likely, Oregon had an Amsterdam problem: if you become the one place to decriminalize drugs, everyone in the world who wants to use drugs will go to you, at which point you will have more drug users than normal people and social order will quickly collapse. Decriminalize all drugs, and clean up the homeless like San Francisco when a Communist comes to visit, and most people will never think of this issue again except when they step over the bodies of those who overdose. Next generation will have fewer people who want to do hard drugs, and Darwin will chuckle as the weak perish.

  • French march against antisemitism shakes up far right and far left

    Clown world has the parts but not the will to link them up. Who were the nationalist powers in WW2? Are the Leftists right that there are similarities between Nazism, apartheid, and the status of the Gaza strip? The far-Right wants the right for every group to exclude all other groups, while the Left wants to force diversity upon all of us, which would mean White Genocide in the US, UK, and EU and Jewish Genocide in Israel.

  • Donald Trump: Legal experts see uphill battle in fraud case

    Only in post-diversity neurosis do we see “experts” like these championing a case that would have been laughed out of court even ten years ago because of a lack of victims and contrary values for the properties. Everyone knows this is a diversity-run hit case and it is strengthening the Trump campaign for 2024.

  • Mein Kampf found in Hamas base – Israeli president

    We have to be careful about cherry-picking here. How many books did they find, and what percentage of these books were Mein Kampf or similar literature? Not surprisingly, many people in Hamas — named for Haman, a prime minister who convinced the ancient King Ahsuerus to annihilate all Jews — find inspiration in Hitler since they see him as the godfather of all Jew-death. But even that may have been overstated:

  • South Africa’s ‘Too White’ Farms May Lose EU, UK Access

    Farms must hire Black staff and allow Black ownership before they can export food. When diversity gets the vote, it simply changes your laws from “equity” to socialism based in the idea of a permanent victim class by race. All Leftism does this; to them, race is social class, and therefore the only moral good comes from forcing wealth transfer upon the productive. Every time they do this, it creates a productivity clash, but most people do not care if they are poor so long as everyone else is poor, too!

  • Should Whites Embrace White Identity? A Dialogue

    Western Civilization is created by Whites a/k/a the Nordid/Cro-Magnid population without extensive admixture from foreign races, a group usually found in parts of the Netherlands, Sweden, northern Germany, Scotland, England, northern France, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. If this group does not start acting for its own interests, instead of some universal moral or ideological standard, it will abolish itself.

  • How multiculturalism fuels hate

    The conservatives are here, banging the tired old tin drum for assimilation:

    ‘Multiculturalism makes no demands of the incomer to integrate’, she said. ‘It has failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it.’ She added that, in some extreme cases, certain groups of people can ‘pursue lives aimed at undermining the stability and threatening the security of society’.

    That is not multiculturalism; it is diversity. We exist in parallel societies because we have evolved differently, culture comes from genetics, and we have different aims as a result. There is no universal human goal. The idea that one exists is mere fantasy and symbolism. Whites need to aim toward protecting their own interests as zealously as Jews protect theirs.

  • Thai owner of Miss Universe goes bankrupt

    Kathoey in charge of Miss Universe pageant announces that, since becoming “woke,” it has run out of money and will need new funding. In the meantime, everyone who normally finds attractive scantily clad women appealing has stopped paying attention. Go woke, get buck broke.

  • Suella Braverman says rough sleeping is ‘lifestyle choice’

    Leftists panic after minister points out that people can get jobs and homes, but some choose not to, whether from insanity, alcoholism, or laziness. Instead of demanding more free money to be thrown into the omnivorous vortex of the homeless, maybe we should make jobs less boring and frustrating, then lock up the insane and drop all alcohol, tobacco, and drugs regulations so that abusers can enjoy their addictions for less and pass on quietly so the next generation does not have such problems.

  • Microsoft and Meta Detail Plans To Combat “Election Disinformation” Which Includes Meme Stamp-Style Watermarks and Reliance on “Fact Checkers”

    Democracy, diversity, and pacifism claimed to free us from unnecessary conflict so that we could enjoy “freedom.” Instead, we get increasing demands for censorship, propaganda, and surveillance.

  • Coca-Cola has quietly scrubbed references to Hamas-supporting BLM from its website

    Business will flirt with “woke”ness because it hopes to attract a new audience of youth and minorities like businesses enjoyed in the 1960s when they pandered to the long tail of the hippie movement. When there are consequences for doing that, however, they suddenly back down. If Whites mobilize to boycott these lunatics, the others will retreat in fear.


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