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DiversityWatch (May 3, 2024)

DiversityWatch Image #20: watching diversity destroy yet another civilization


  • Google Defends ‘Better’ Search Product as Antitrust Trial Concludes

    Leftists set up a tidy little arrangement where government, media, and charities worked together to push whatever Leftist candidate was up for election at the moment and whatever agenda items Leftists could find in the ideological stew.

  • Warrantless FBI Searches of American Communications Drop 50 Percent

    They implemented reforms, but those reforms begat:

    Despite the drop in overall searches of Americans’ data, the report also notes that the number of foreign targets whose data could be searched in the Section 702 database rose to 268,590, a 9 percent increase from the previous year. The number of “probable cause” targets also increased significantly, from 417 in 2022 to 759 in 2023. Of those, 57 percent are estimated to be “US persons,” which includes US citizens and permanent residents.

    No stable society needs to spy on its citizens this much, but thanks to diversity, we do not live in a stable society.

  • Stanford Jewish students on taking photo of man with Hamas headband on campus: ‘We were just in shock’

    Why is anyone surprised that pro-Palestine became pro-Hamas? These protests are about the third world versus the first world. Every group acts only in its own ethnic interests alone. The pro-Jewish lobby just took a huge hit in America. Yes, they passed a hate crimes bill, but that looks rather weak considering who holds the ground and the funding, which is the pro-third-world forces.

  • London and Paris are ‘no longer recognizable,’ claims Donald Trump

    A number of delusional cucks have no idea what this man did for them: he kicked the Overton Window wide open, reverted the Supreme Court to originalism, slowed the growth of the regulatory state, re-asserted a foreign policy of self-interest, forced Europe to re-arm, forced China to admit its Paper Tiger economy was fake, kept Mexican immigration on the decline, encouraged self-reliance, and fostered the least moralnag and most attaboy Republican administration in history. Here he is booting the Overton wide yet again. No one disagrees with him. Europe is on the verge of sacrificing its remaining industry, tourism, for diversity. Note that Trump never says anything “racist,” but always questions the real-world commonsense everyday value of socialism, diversity, pacifism, and other things that shitlibs and their victims take for granted are absolute and universal moral Goods.

  • German men’s pro football gets first female coach

    It is a stunning and brave revolution. A symbolic reversal from how things are naturally to how they will be in Utopia or Heaven. And it is a great news story. But in reality? Nothing has changed, and this event being used for political stunt points is not as exceptional as they think. Some women do men things and always have throughout history, but they are a tiny minority of the sex.

  • Migration: What next for the EU’s asylum reform plans?

    The EU keeps punting on decisive action. This is what bureaucracies do: avoid things that are risky. We know this because human groups uniting by socializing do the same thing. They forbid mention of the big issues, and focus on symbolic but irrelevant stuff like abortion, flag burning, prayer in schools, LGBT flags on embassies, welfare for insane retards, and the like. The EU bureaucracy knows that diversity always fails, that it has failed, and that the smart thing to do would be repatriate everyone but the ethnic group that founded each nation. If they did that, Europe would be self-sustaining. However, the unions wrecked their labor and the taxes made them broke, so they need new warm bodies to feed into the machine.

  • Berlin offers up villa owned by Nazi propagandist Goebbels for free

    More for the proof heap that shows politics is our modern-day religion since the Revolution killed social order and diversity killed culture. In fact, it was exactly that sequence which left us only economics and ideology as the pillars of our society. No wonder the poor thing is keeling over. In any case, Germany and Austria keep destroying nice buildings because people who said nasty things about diversity and killed people like everyone else once owned them. Heck, my house used to be owned by a middle manager at a major cellular phone network. That is arguably far worse than a bunch of people killing each other over moronic democracy eighty years ago!

  • Germany’s FM says Russia will face consequences for ‘intolerable’ cyberattack

    Diversity bankrupted Europe. Now it turns to war as a way to bail it out of the debt well it has created. The question is whether any of its native population will show up to fight, having been stabbed in the back by their political class for generations. Democracy motivates people to pile up wealth and obey rules. It does not produce problem-solvers, fighters, or wise people like the American frontier did. Europe has engineered its own decline by “solving problems” instead of “finding a direction.”

  • Apple sales fall in nearly all countries

    China has its own domestic alternatives now. This is the beginning of a massive destruction of international/global brands and their replacement by national ones across the world. The West would have to be morons to support unions now, since they are the only thing keeping us from manufacturing what we need at home, which means that everyone in the West is about to double down on supporting unions because only moronic ideals win elections.

  • Majority of Germans reject Muslim immigration, express fear of becoming a ‘minority in Germany’

    Voting is symbolic. German voters signaled that they were not-Hitler for most of a century, now come to realize that elections and choices have consequences. Now that the horse is well and gone, the voters tentatively want to discuss the possibility of maybe someday slamming the barn door. No nation can survive democracy for long it seems, and they are coming up on their two centuries.

  • Biden allows DACA recipients to access Obamacare

    The Biden campaign consists of multiple free stuff giveaways in order to buy immigrant votes.

  • Governments not protecting press freedom, report says

    Journalists are shocked to find that after decades of journalists destroying people in the court of public opinion, no one is that interested when journalists come under fire. You are now expendable Useful Idiots like all the other warriors of the Left. The French Revolutionaries did not care about casualties either; in a mob, no one sweats it when some other guy gets the ick.

  • EU election: Immigration is the main issue for German voters

    Democracy fought facing this one hard and long. They just did not want to hear about it, those educated experts and political consultants. Now that the problem is a full-blown crisis they can discuss it, but only do so because Trump broke the surface tension.

  • Nearly two dozen suspected migrants seen sprinting off boat as it arrives in luxe California marina

    Quick, get to the land of stupid fat White people who will give us free stuff and guaranteed jobs where we cannot be fired because we are protected by affirmative action (which despite being repealed in education is still on the books in every other area).

  • More than half of Canadians say freedom of speech is under threat, new poll suggests

    With diversity and socialism, dissent becomes a threat to the stability of the system and its narrative. Therefore, censorship, surveillance, and deplatforming become normal. Now slowly the voters are realizing that no one was boiling the frog until fear of “racism” and poverty caused the voters to demand the early stages of a totalitarian system.

  • EU throws money at Lebanese migration problem

    This is what democracy always does: tosses money at a problem and hopes it goes away.

  • Far-right AfD: How should German media deal with the party?

    Democracy has trouble deciding whether informal covert censorship or legalized overt censorship is the right way to deal with a non-Leftist party.

  • Russian troops move into base housing US forces in Niger: reports

    Biden stages another hasty retreat so that he can have more money to spend on buying votes with social programs.

  • Neo-Nazis salute ‘Heil’ in ritzy downtown Greenwich, Conn., in sickening display: ‘Hate from all sides’

    We laugh at “‘Not supposed to happen in 2024,’ Greenwich resident and member of the local Jewish community, Jolie Goldring, told The Post” because history cycles. If you do not fix the problem, you get the same incentive structure producing similar results. In this case, diversity has yet again become so burdensome that people want an escape, and so they are turning to moronic notions like National Socialism because it is easily understood and is not much different from our current system. It seems that 2024 is 1934 all over again and this bothers Leftists and diversity who instead of strengthening their national position, threw their weight behind diversity only to find out that large portions of it want them dead.

  • Ex-Trump security adviser warns West ‘on the cusp of another World War’

    Democracy needs this war because it is out of money and lacks any reason to compel people to work together, since it has given them everything it promised and they are still broke, miserable, and angry. Seems that equality destroys unity.

  • U.S. President Joe Biden calls Japan and India ‘xenophobic’ nations that do not welcome immigrants

    Any nation that wants to preserve its founding ethnic group against invasion by the rest of the world is now Hitler, says Biden, setting the stage for the next world war. Hint: fewer people than ever before are listening to this crap, and most of us can see that Biden is trying to reprise FDR including provoking a world war in order to get out of the debt well he has created for Americans. If you let diversity in your country, you get presidents like Biden.

  • Q&A: Researcher finds immigration doesn’t threaten welfare states

    Leftists just told you why they support diversity and what they fear as diversity stumbles: their precious welfare states. All that talk about equality was just a demand for subsidies after all.

    Its easy to underestimate how disruptive the Second World War and decolonization had been for Europeans understanding of who they were. The war, coupled with a flurry of UN reports debunking race as a biological concept, delegitimized the racial order that had powered the empire-state. I think that introduced a lot of confusion about what it meant to be French or Dutch and which migrants deserved welfare. National identity needed a new source of fuel.

    It turns out the UN was lying all along. Now we have no identity and all of our problems still remain. He then reverses his argument and admits that diversity might influence the welfare state, but he does not know because he did not measure that, only the response to diversity by the natives:

    So its possible that immigration has an effect on a welfare state. But if it does, its not because of diversity, but because of vigorous efforts to police the boundaries of, and at the same time give meaning to, national identity.

    This is “science.” Part truth, mostly implication and omission.

  • Migrant accused of instigating El Paso border riot is still roaming US, despite allegedly assaulting soldier

    Instead of a two-tiered system of justice that favors the rich, we have a two-tiered system of justice that favors the foreign. Xenophilia is the best way to signal disaffected independence from a dying society and a superiority to all of those who are so lowly that they care about preserving anything.

  • Border agent on horseback falsely accused of whipping migrants in Texas now awarded for his service

    Yet another fake crime designed to generate Useful Idiot outrage and votes for the few months it took between the headlines and the debunking.

  • Biden gets no polling bump if Trump is convicted of crime, survey shows

    The point of the lawfare is to keep Democrat voters enraged and interested because otherwise they go back to television, welfare, and legal weed.

  • We Have a Freedom Problem

    Hey nice lady who wrote this piece, how else did you think equal freedom for the proles was going to end up? You gave ultimate powers to the people least able to wield them!



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