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DiversityWatch (May 11, 2023)


The coronation happened and despite all of our worries about the Windsors and the many well-funded neurotic Leftists who spend more on coffee than I do on clothes, the event had a certain grace and mystery to it that showed us the beauty of a system beyond the horrors of democracy.

The Leftists finally managed to get their Christine Blasey-Ford in front of a credulous jury of Left-wingers who promptly found Donald Trump liable for a presumed sexual assault and defamation, setting up the showdown that is going to take place in the appeals courts.

While the media immediately rushed out theories about how this will drive away all conservative women, the people they quoted are likely DeSantis or Kennedy voters anyway, and most of us who understand the Trump trip realize that everything flung at him is a politically-motivated psyop to demoralize us.

Speaking of DeSantis, he continues to be the favorite of the NeverTrump people, while the Left offers us Kennedy — you do not think one of those will be a Right-winger, do you? maybe you were fooled by Gabbard and Yang as well — to split the Republican vote and keep Trump out of office.

But otherwise, a feeling has settled in that Trump is going to win this one for a number of reasons. First, everything that he said would happen, did happen; next, he is likeable like your high school coach who was a smart-assed grump but competent; finally, he is more interesting than all the other candidates.

In the meantime, the world suffers with stagflation prices brought on by government printing money, borrowing money, and spending money in such a way that both sabotages productivity and drives down the value of money.

No need for conspiracy theories here; the Left does this every time they get power. They hate reality, nature, and common sense because these things interfere with their narcissistic individualism and metaphysical solipsism, so they retaliate with hatred.

For all their calling of others as bigots, haters, Nazis, fascists, and so on, the Left are motivated by a hatred of the world and a desire to replace it with the order of themselves. This obsessive and megalomaniac egotism leads them to destroy first and then think about consequences later.

Europe finds itself facing similarly hard decisions as a generation of Left-friendly moderates leave office and the newcomers find themselves facing newly-burdened budgets swelling with anti-racism and anti-poverty programs that have failed for centuries but now are top-heavy.

Democracy makes people go insane, and it makes them furious by isolating them in worlds of themselves, and so with a lack of culture people turn into neurotic obsessives craving power and most of all, revenge, which leads to a population that is a cross between insane and moronic.

As a result, no one can think of any solutions but to have another Revolution, maybe more free stuff from government, or to start a war. It is coming. If the voters sleep through another dubious election, they will find themselves in the trenches blaming Hitler or Satan but dying just the same.

In all fairness, it will be natural selection. Become so incompetent at adaptation that solipsism seems like a good idea, or you stop caring about results of your actions, and you will end up dying in another war for democracy that solves as much as WW1 did, namely very little.




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