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DiversityWatch (March 24, 2023)


France burns because the government has figured out that it cannot afford its entitlements without raising the retirement age. Many of these payments go to the diversity citizens that have come to France for the free stuff from government.

The Dutch find themselves nearly taken over by a popular revolt by farmers who found that EU “green” regulations suffocated their businesses. The high costs of these green regulations necessitate importing cheap labor from Eastern Europe and the third world.

In America, the failing Biden regime has introduced new high taxes which it hopes will pay for its vast diversity costs, which keep rising as millions more third world immigrants stream across the southern border, coming for the free stuff from government.

Minority groups, having attained large enough numbers to have political power, no longer hide their glee at White Replacement. They want to take over, and do not have the wit to see that they will be exterminating the source of the wealth upon which they depend.

Democracy typically goes down this path. Without the firm but gentle hand of the kings, democracies purchase unity through free stuff, which raises costs and kills off the native population, requiring new warm bodies to pay taxes, at which point they import cheaper foreign labor which comes from economically depressed third world societies.

You may not have thought 1789 was the disaster which ended the West, but now we see that it is.


  • Britain launches electronic revolution amid fears of war between China and Taiwan

    Taiwan – which China regards as a breakaway ‘province’ that will eventually be placed under Beijing’s control, by force if necessary – produces an astonishing 90 per cent of the world’s most advanced microchips used in smartphones, computers, cars and military hardware.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that ‘reunification’ with the island, which sits only 100 miles from the coast of South-East China, ‘must be fulfilled’, and has mounted a series of shows of military force in the Taiwan Strait.

    Good. The West needs to make its own stuff again, which requires tackling the unions.

  • Alleged foreign interference entangles Liberals and Conservatives in one riding

    The riding is emerging as a nexus for alleged meddling by China. It’s represented federally by a Liberal and provincially by the Progressive Conservative party — but what raises eyebrows are their connections to a wealthy supermarket mogul with close ties to the Chinese Consulate in Toronto.

    The connections are between Liberal MP Han Dong, PC MPP Vincent Ke and supermarket mogul Wei Chengyi. Wei owns the Foody Mart grocery chain that has stores in Ontario and British Columbia. The two politicians often appear with the businessman at events covered by Chinese ethnic media.

    Neither party is turning down Chinese money because at this point in democracy, only massive media campaigns get people elected by the sloppy, lazy, inconsistent, and frivolous voters.

  • Pope promotes ‘humanitarian corridors’ for asylum-seekers

    Francis said “humanitarian corridors,” which have operated in Italy since 2016, saved lives and helped newly arrived asylum-seekers get acclimated while church groups provided housing, education and work opportunities.

    “Humanitarian corridors not only aim to bring refugees to Italy and other European countries, rescuing them from situations of uncertainty, danger and endless waiting; they also work toward integration,” he said.

    Religion is not going to save us. Only culture will. Funny how the kings never had this problem.

  • Donald Trump says he will be arrested Tuesday

    Trump on Saturday again insisted he had committed no crime, and reminded his followers that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s campaign had been heavily financed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

    A quick reminder about Alvin Bragg:

    He is the first Black Manhattan DA in the history of the office.

    They hate the majority and want to destroy it so they can replace it. Worse still, they have no better option. It is either that or be ruled by the majority, something that they rightfully distrust. The only solution is to end diversity.

  • Black DEI director: I was called white supremacist for questioning woke policies

    But her vision of diversity and inclusion, it seems, was the wrong one.

    “I’m trying to create safe spaces for everyone,” Lee said. “But some people wanted me to create spaces that were just safe for them, and that’s not my mission as an educator. That’s not what I’m here to do.”

    She took the job at face value. The point is to replace Whites, lady, so that the Left can take over just like they did in the 1960s.

  • Why US mothers are more likely to die in childbirth

    In 2021, 33 women died out of every 100,000 live births in the US, up from 23.8 in 2020.

    That rate was more than double for black women, who were nearly three times more likely to die than white women, according to the CDC.

    Black Americans are disproportionately at the axis of all three points raised by Mr Costa-i-Font – they have the highest rates of obesity or being overweight in the US, and have a 20% higher chance of having hypertension. Yet the rate of uninsured black Americans remains two-thirds higher than white Americans.

    Obesity and hypertension were popular comorbidities for COVID-19 deaths too.

  • Mother: Irvo Otieno was ‘brilliant and creative and bright’

    Irvo Otieno had realized his passion: making hip-hop. He could write a song in less than five minutes. And he was streaming his music under the moniker “Young Vo,” while working toward starting his own record label.

    Otieno’s biography is now coming to the fore, not for his music, but because of the shockingly inhumane way in which authorities say he was killed. He was yet another Black man to die in police custody in a case that prominent civil-rights attorney Ben Crump, who is also representing Ouko, said harshly echoes the previous deaths of such men as George Floyd. Crump represented Floyd’s family and the relatives of other Black men killed under similar circumstances.

    Minorities are encouraged to fight back against The Man, who restrains them and then they die of underlying health issues, like George Floyd who died from fentanyl and a weak cardiovascular system.

  • Protests erupt in France over Macron raising retirement age without parliament

    Protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to force a bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 through parliament without a vote disrupted traffic, garbage collection and university campuses in Paris as opponents of the change maintained their resolve to get the government to back down.

    Neurotic journalists: but we, defenders of The People, are we not humanitarians?
    Proles: yes, we are humanitarians! Let them all in! Give them free stuff.
    Macron: our costs went up, you retire at 85 now.
    Proles: but it was supposed to be free!

  • Whoopi Goldberg apologises for using Romani slur on TV show

    Discussing Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential election on episode of ABC’s The View, the TV host and actor referenced “people who still believe that he got, you know, gypped somehow”.

    Believed to be derived from “gypsy”, the word is considered derogatory towards Romani people due to its negative connotations.

    Diversity-on-diversity tension. Who is most entitled? Who is the greatest victim? Only democracy has such neurotic mutterings.

  • Young children develop better learning skills when taught by teachers of the same ethnicity, US study suggests

    The effect was most pronounced in Black and Latinx children, the findings—looking at more than 18,000 pupils across the US—showed.

    Published in Early Education and Development, the study revealed that if the ethnicity of children is shared with that of their teachers, the children are more likely to go on to develop better working memory. This is the ability to hold and process information in your mind—a skill that is essential for learning and problem solving.

    Imagine how much better they would do in a society of their own people.

  • China’s Xi to meet Putin as Beijing seeks bolder global role

    China has sought to project itself as neutral in the conflict, even while it has refused to condemn Moscow’s aggression and declared last year that it had a “no-limits” friendship with Russia. Beijing has denounced Western sanctions against Moscow, and accused NATO and the United States of provoking Putin’s military action.

    Russians are Eurasians. They are closer to Asia than they are to the West.

  • Understanding Connections Between China and U.S. Academia

    Considering the recent focus on endowments and foreign funding, we analyzed data on foreign gifts and contracts from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) reported to the U.S. Department of Education. The top recipients were Harvard University ($138.77 million), Stanford University ($96.75 million), UPenn ($92.59 million), Yale ($87.63 million), Columbia University ($86.85 million), USC ($79.49 million), University of Chicago ($65.90 million), NYU ($65.40 million), MIT ($52.13 million), Arizona State University ($44.12 million), and Kean University ($42.19 million). Please keep in mind this is only the ‘reported’ financial gifts to U.S. universities. In 2020, the Wall Street Journal “found U.S. universities failed to report at least $6.5 billion in foreign funding from countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.”

    They want to take over before their economy implodes.


  • East and West Germans show preference for different government systems 30 years on

    Even after 27 years of reunification, East Germans are still more likely to be pro-state support than their Western counterparts, a new study published in German Economic Review finds. Of the sample studied, 48% of respondents from the East said it was the government’s duty to support the family compared to 35% from the West.

    Diversity and communism conveyed East Germany toward being more like the third world. Natural selection removed those who might object, so now you get a perfect subject population. This is what the Hart-Celler Act promoted by [[[ TED KENNEDY ]]] hoped to do with America.

  • The dominant-party system : challenges for South Africa’s second decade of democracy

    South Africans also continue to vote in racial blocs, and the existence of a dominant party and a weak opposition has resulted in emerging voter apathy and withdrawal amongst some sections of the electorate.

    Race is not a social construct; politics is a racial/ethnic construct. When America admitted the diversity starting with [[[ THE IRISH ]]], it went down the path to the third world system of warlords and favors.

  • Psych Studies Attract A Certain Kind of Volunteer Which Could Be Skewing Results

    “In our studies, we have shown that those who have more personality pathologies are more drawn to studies where they can express their trauma and may be simply more likely to volunteer for studies.”

    This is a type of survivorship bias. Those who feel bad about life go to psychological studies, and come pre-loaded with victimhood propaganda including pro-diversity bias.

  • ‘Disruptive’ Science Has Declined – And No One Knows Why

    Data from millions of manuscripts show that, compared with mid-twentieth-century research, that done in the 2000s was much more likely to push science forward incrementally than to veer off in a new direction and render previous work obsolete. Analysis of patents from 1976 to 2010 showed the same trend.

    “The data suggest something is changing,” says Russell Funk, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota and co-author of the published analysis. “You don’t have quite the same intensity of breakthrough discoveries you once had.”

    Contrary to what was promised, diversity reduces innovation.

  • Michigan Senate votes to repeal 2012 law restricting unions

    The law, enacted in 2012 when Republicans fully controlled Michigan government, prohibits public and private unions from requiring that nonunion employees pay union dues even if the union bargains on their behalf.

    Wherever diversity goes, Leftism and unions follow, resulting in labor becoming too expensive for the market and therefore, offshoring. In the 1980s, American unions drove the car industry into a state of collapse from which it only somewhat recovered in the 2010s by outsourcing parts to a third world manufacturers, assembling the final product with fewer workers in the US.

  • Australian unpaid social contributions valued at $287 billion

    Australians generated at least $287.86 billion in value through unpaid social contributions in 2021, according to a new report from the University of Sydney’s Mental Wealth Initiative.

    Social production is made up of unpaid contributions to society through activities such as volunteering, the education and care of children, building community infrastructure, ecological restoration and caring for country, providing a crowd service, or informal mentoring.

    Culture works better than government or commerce for keeping a civilization semi-functional. Diversity erases culture.

  • Study compares NGO communication around migration

    Turkey has a much higher concentration of NGOs focused on refugees and migrants compared to Bulgaria. Many are large organizations that focus on services. They often have dedicated communications teams that write grants and reports, produce newsletters and glossy handouts, and organize press events for journalists (e.g., a tour of a women’s vocational center.)

    In Bulgaria, there aren’t as many NGOs, and they tend to be smaller and more specialized. One might focus more on children while another provides legal assistance. Few have staff who focus solely on external communication. Dimitrova said this smaller, grassroots approach comes with some perks.

    NGOs in both countries use technology and social media to target different audiences (e.g., refugees, donors, government agencies.) But Turkish NGOs tend to relay information in a “one-way communication mode” while those in Bulgaria “seem to have the flexibility to be more innovative” and engage the public. They also tend to emphasize personal stories.

    They have a new playbook for conning We The People into accepting diversity, immigration, and globalism.

  • New research establishes how and why Western diets high in sugar and fat cause liver disease

    The gut and liver have a close anatomical and functional connection via the portal vein. Unhealthy diets change the gut microbiota, resulting in the production of pathogenic factors that impact the liver. By feeding mice foods high in fat and sugar, the research team discovered that the mice developed a gut bacteria called Blautia producta and a lipid that caused liver inflammation and fibrosis. That, in turn, caused the mice to develop non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or fatty liver disease, with similar features to the human disease.

    Diversity exposes us to foreign microbiomes and contributes to this process, since different organisms are present. The diet high in high fructose corn syrup and seed oils, adopted in order to “democratize” food, does the rest.

  • Global climate data insufficiently explains composition of local plant species

    “Studies have found relatively weak correlations between global climate gradients and the characteristics of local plant communities,” explains Dr. Stephan Kambach, a research associate in the Department of Geobotany at MLU. “It is possible that the global effects are being obscured by local factors such as plant composition, soil conditions, microclimate, groundwater levels or human land use.”

    In other words, the problem is not global carbon releases, but localized urbanization which leads to different land use than one might have in a nice tidy traditional society of small villages. Immigration and diversity accelerate this problem and are the driving force behind the heat island effect at this point.

  • Hip-hop hamsters and classical cats: How pets have different musical tastes

    Half of our pets become excited when certain musical genres are played, a survey of UK owners discovered. More than a third of dogs go bow-wow for rock, while 30 per cent of cats love classical tunes.

    And more than 40 per cent of hamsters enjoy hip-hop and rap beats. A spokesman for record label Rebecca Downes Music, which conducted the poll, said: ‘It’s official – pets love music as much as humans do and different animals have their favourite genres which they react to.’

    We have replaced music for high-IQ creatures with music for low-IQ creatures. They should have tested metalcore, because hamster probably love that nonsense too.

  • Is a common industrial chemical fueling the spread of Parkinson’s disease?

    In a paper published Tuesday in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, authors hypothesize that this pollution may be contributing to the global spread of Parkinson’s, a neurological disorder characterized by uncontrollable tremors and slow movement. Although authors were unable to prove a direct connection, they cited a number of other studies that suggest TCE may play a role in the degenerative brain disorder, and urged further research on the matter.

    “When Dr. Parkinson described the condition in 1817 in London, he reported six individuals with the disease,” said Dr. Ray Dorsey, a neurology professor at the University of Rochester and lead author. “Two hundred years later, the global burden of disease is estimated that over 6 million people have the disease worldwide. So how do you go from six to 6 million? The rates are growing far faster than aging could explain alone. It has to be environmental factors. I think TCE and air pollution are important contributors.”

    Another modern miracle fails in flames. The excess wealth generated by industrialization that allows us to believe that we can afford diversity and socialism is going away at the same time that the pollution created by the expanding third world and diversity in the first world is slowly retarding us.

  • Who Killed Silicon Valley Bank?

    SVB notes that besides 91% of their board being independent and 45% women, they also have ‘1 Black,’ ‘1 LGBTQ+’ and ‘2 Veterans.’ I’m not saying 12 white men would have avoided this mess, but the company may have been distracted by diversity demands.

    Government wants DIE/ESG, so we are getting affirmative action candidates instead of functional staff, at which point those who are being replaced get whatever they can and get out. SVB probably burned itself down because the majority of the staff wanted anti-racist and anti-poverty activism, which made it impossible to make decisions.

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