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DiversityWatch (June 28, 2023)


To anyone with the ability to pass a college education in one of those great old 1980s colleges before diversity and grants ate them alive, it has become clear that change is on the horizon: the West is broke, not reproducing, awash in psychological problems, and run by careerist sociopaths.

As usual, market forces will make the decision for paralytic and senescent democracy. The day of the cutting off of the free money dawns, and that means that the entire system falls apart, which is why good careerist bureaucrats are trying to make their pile and convert it into yuan so they can get out.

In the meantime, everyone is nervous. The newspapers and television say one thing, but reality can be observed to be far different. This tells us that our system is out of control and has disconnected from reality because it exists through the support of humans who believe the illusion.

Those in power these days are bureaucrats. Their jobs are created by government; their paychecks will arrive whether they screw up or do well. Consequently, they oppose anyone trying to tackle real problems, since that could shake up this arrangement.

In this way, the world has followed Communism into the error of disconnecting reward from performance, just like The Enlightenment,™ unions, insurance, no-fault divorce, and even technology did. The system subsists on the faith of others in illusion, but the illusion is falling.






To see you now so simplified
barely sentient
your dreams confined.
Your will has perished
lost to the depths of your creation.
No fight left.

In favor of synthetic luxury
ceased to evolve.
Denied your destiny.
A destiny denied.

Your soul and body
mechanically entwined.
To be so careless with the fate of your bloodline.

Enlightenment missed the mark.
Illuminate into the dark.
Such improvements too fast too far.
Illuminate into the dark.

To leave you now with this memory
as lifetimes pass
forever haunting me.

But that was so long ago
I’m falling from orbit now you.
You’re drifting away from me
for an eternity.

On I go
to find my eden beyond the lines of this enlightenment.


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