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DiversityWatch (January 29, 2024)


  • ‘Independent Contractor’ Rule Latest Dumpster Fire Exported From California

    The more humans try to “fix” (bro code, tikkun olam, equality, etc) Darwinism, the more they destroy and the higher costs go, all for the goal of salving our neurotic fear of insignificance manifested in self-pity projected onto others, such that we are terrified of poverty and therefore create it all around us. Our diversity fixation is just one part of this, since we associate poor, low IQ, and the third world, therefore must “save” them for our Great White Savior complex to make us feel momentarily important against the terror of oncoming death, being forgotten, and civilization collapse.

  • This Week in Censorship: January 22-28

    How the Big Six media are doing their best to suppress stories about just how out of control the migrant disaster is in the USA. Everyone knows that if we look at this critically, we will act in our interests, which means dropping all anti-poverty and anti-“racism” programs entirely, which will throw a lot of useless bureaucrats out of jobs.

  • Our Nation Of Effete Status Seekers

    While all of the morons were gibbering on about “midwits” and “virtue signaling,” the original analysis of status seeking remains accurate: the bourgeois seek to get ahead by playing harmless yet advancing their own interests by rationalizing them as group interests, a pathology similar to narcissism that appears in every city. To keep it at bay, have strong culture and smaller communities. Diversity has been the status seeking tool of choice since the Clinton years.

  • Our Open Border Policy Is Not an Accident

    “If American voters don’t like what you are offering, import better voters.” Old story, very sad.

  • Disinformation is often blamed for swaying elections. The research says something else

    The justification for censorship just evaporated. It turns out that the fear of disinformation and misinformation is in fact disinformation, designed to get us away from focus on the fact that many people now no longer trust the single unified voice of many media outlets. You fooled us for a few generations, but now we see that coordinated news stories saying the same thing in different outlets are just another propaganda device.

  • South Africa: ANC suspends ex-President Jacob Zuma after rival party launch

    “State capture,” or placing the interests of private associates above that of the nation, seems to be a feature of diverse governance because the infighting created by diversity creates a mentality of taking from the nation to give to the ethnic group, effectively making all positions of power into sinecures or extractive roles used against ethnic Others.

  • Elon Musk is hiring 100 content moderators to combat child porn on X – after culling 1,200 ‘trust and safety specialists’ in his $44B takeover

    The Old Twitter staff censored conservatives and COVID critics while ignoring child porn, and the new team intends to spend more time cutting the porn and less on the ideological propaganda.

  • Italy: Meloni pitches migration plan at Africa summit

    Free stuff creates infinite demand; this is far right of the supply-demand curve. Now they are moving the free stuff to Africa, which will simply accelerate immigration from Asia and the New World.

  • North Macedonia elects first ethnic Albanian prime minister

    Instability spreads with demographic change, and soon, the foreign ethnic group takes over. Albanians are like Italian-Slavic hybrids.

  • Malawi: Elderly living in fear of being called ‘witches’

    What they are doing actually makes sense. If food supplies get really tight, you remove the non-breeders, which means smother parties of the elderly:

    I decided to lop him off if it meant a smother party. (This is a rural English custom designed to eliminate aged and bedfast dependents. A family so afflicted throws a “smother party” where the guests pile mattresses on the old liability, climb up on top of the mattresses and lush themselves out.) The Rube is a drag on the industry and should be led out into the skid rows of the world. (This is an African practice. Official known as the “Leader Out” has the function of taking old characters out into the jungle and leaving them there.)

    (Naked Lunch, p 12.)

  • Kentucky couple adopts baby surrendered at fire station: ‘God’s hand is absolutely in this’

    Religion is great, and I think it most likely to be true. There are many lovely Christian people. The problem with Christianity however is confusing instance with essence, specifically symbolic with referent, and this leads to symbolic/emotional actions that make no sense, like hwite people adopting foreign ethnic babies.

  • Robinsons Bookshop owner hits out after sparking a Twitter meltdown for refusing to stock ‘woke’ books in her store: ‘We aren’t going to stock books that make Australians hate each other’

    The Soviet tanks and infantry had reached the only surviving bridge. Three infantry vehicles raced to the far side and were taken under fire by the Belgians and Americans as they raced to cover. A tank followed. The T-80 rumbled across, got to the far side and exploded from an impacting missile. Another followed, then a third. Both reached the west bank. Then a British Chieftain emerged from behind a building and followed the Soviet tanks across. Alekseyev watched in amazement as it ran right between the two Soviet vehicles, neither of which saw it. An American missile ran just behind it and plowed into the ground, raising a cloud of dirt and dust. Two more Chieftains emerged at the bridgehead. One exploded from a point-blank shot by a T-80, the other fired back, killing the Russian tank a second later. Alekseyev remembered a tale from his boyhood of a brave peasant on a bridge as the British tank engaged and killed two more Soviet tanks before succumbing to a barrage of direct fire.

    (Red Storm Rising, p. 223)

    Be the one, not the inertia. This is what nature rewards, mostly by pushing against it with all that it has got.

  • I am part-Aboriginal. I am unapologetic about using this single word – but someone suddenly decided overnight we’re not allowed to say it

    Part of political correctness is the constant changing of terms so that others are forced to pay attention, lest they be called “racist.” If we get over our fear of being called “racist” — itself a proxy for anti-equality or its historical origin, royalist — we can move right on past these narcissistic neurotics with a control agenda.

  • Team creates first database of field studies on the impacts of invasive plants in Europe

    Invasive plants have one concern, which is survival, while native plants are trying to uphold an ecosystem. This places the latter at a massive disadvantage, sort of like conservatives trying to explain why society should not simply self-destruct for some extra bucks today before the end.

  • Oxfam’s Proof for Rising Economic Inequality

    Oxfam authors are not bright enough to realize that if the COVID-19 debacle increased inequality, this means that business activity was reducing it, and that government action is hindering rather than helping the process of bringing everyone functional to a level of comfortable survival.

  • Joe Biden’s migrant crisis makes a US terrorist attack ‘imminent’ because of ‘military-aged men’ streaming across Texas-Mexico border, former FBI and Homeland Security top brass warn in chilling letter

    At some point, China waves the magic wand and the seizure of the mentally slumbering democratic West begins in earnest.

  • UT-Austin scraps support program for undocumented students in wake of new DEI law

    Leftists operate by laws, not culture, so take advantages of gaps in cultural protection to do things that destroy culture, so that they can eventually write laws that bring us closer to Utopia.


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