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DiversityWatch (February 24, 2024)


  • Isn’t This Illegal? Microsoft Openly Brags About Paying White People & Men Less

    Equality always means taking from the thriving to give to the struggling. At first this is an inconvenience, but eventually it becomes a cause in itself, and replaces the former function of society, turning it entirely into a guilt-cult that penalizes excellence and productivity and therefore, not surprisingly, descends to third world levels. The only backstop against this is the monarchy.

  • White supremacy goes back to ‘early church’: Oxford professor

    The Left wants to make the next round of elections about religion. In reality, “White supremacy” is merely nationalism for White people: one ethnic group = one nation. That requires excluding others in order to preserve genetics. That is the real goal: preserve peoples through their genetics. Religion, culture, and politics are just grafted onto that. The rest of the world knows this and that is why its aim has always been to invade and mix races.

  • Embattled Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard is accused of launching police raids against local businesses that won’t ‘pay the queen’s ransom’ of making donation to her sponsored event as FBI launches corruption investigation

    What brings tyranny? Diversity allows tyrants to rule.

  • UGA campus murder victim Laken Riley’s cause of death revealed after nursing student was found slain in field – as Republicans call for illegal Venezuelan immigrant suspect to face DEATH PENALTY

    Illegal immigration by definition brings people to your shores who are willing to break the law. Once they arrive they embark upon race war disguised as crime because their only other option is to admit unsettling things about why they came, such as the poverty and dysfunction of their source nations.

  • Oaths and pledges have been routine for political officials. That’s changing in a polarized America

    Diversity America wants to erase the past system and replace with with unbridled diversity voting. This means that the Constitution must go and be replaced with whatever people want right now, which leads to total lack of a coherent system like they have in the third world.

  • Trump says his criminal indictments boosted his appeal to Black voters

    “And a lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me, because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against. It’s been pretty amazing but possibly, maybe, there’s something there.” They are calling this statement “racist.”

  • Saying ‘the most qualified person should get the job’ is a microaggression, Britain’s top universities insist

    Competence creates hierarchy; Leftists would rather have a binary system of obedient people versus a political underclass. Those who endorse the dogma of equality get ahead, and those who do not are left behind.

  • Why there’s more than meets the eye to the story of a cleaner sacked for eating a tuna sandwich at a law firm

    “Trays of sandwiches were laid out in the kitchen and were due to be taken into the meeting. Gabriela went across to the trays and removed a sandwich that was for someone in the meeting who had a specific dietary requirement. The sandwiches had not been discarded in any way, shape or form.” Another martyr story debunked.

  • Biden administration restores Trump-rescinded policy on illegitimacy of Israeli settlements

    The third world has more votes, so democracy favors the third world.

  • Wisconsin school district is slammed for offering ‘WHITES ONLY’ racism class where attendees can ‘explore their privilege’ and now faces race discrimination complaint

    Hating Whites, like hating the rich, is one of those easy answers that attracts dumb and sad people everywhere.

  • Man guilty in Black transgender woman’s killing in 1st U.S. federal hate crime trial over gender identity

    Transsexuals are now a politically protected group like minorities, the disabled, LGBT+, and women. However, if you are a “twofer” — like being Black and transsexual — you really win the lottery.

  • Kari Lake says she’s tired of ‘beta men’ and we need ‘alphas’ like Trump

    Our next vice president puts her finger on the issue. Democracy makes weak men who are accustomed to posturing, posing, and puffing themselves up around others, which makes them pacifistic and indirect instead of clear and forthright.

  • Why car insurance rates are so high

  • While drivers were getting more dangerous, law enforcement in many parts of the country began pulling back on traffic safety enforcement, likely due to Covid-related staff shortages and criticisms over racial biases following the murder of George Floyd.

    Traffic enforcement has always been a deeply imperfect mode of safety enforcement, one that leaves Black drivers susceptible to racial biases from law enforcement. But it’s also one of the factors insurance companies use to determine individual rates.

    “Ultimately, without traffic violation data, insurers aren’t able to accurately assess and underwrite a driver’s risk. With the compounding cost from accidents, carriers are now increasing rates for everyone, meaning we are all paying for this problem,” Mark McElroy, executive vice president and head of TransUnion’s insurance business, said in a recent report.

    Another hidden diversity cost. Home and business insurance is going up as well thanks to a crime wave and BLM riots.

  • ‘Blob’: An Idea That’s Spreading in All Directions

    “Blob” has also seeped into politics on both sides of the Atlantic. In Britain in 2013, former Education Secretary Michael Gove called forces critical of Conservative education policies “the Blob,” and it has since been extended by Tory politicians to civil servants in general. Meanwhile in the U.S., Obama adviser Ben Rhodes used “the Blob” in 2016 to refer to the hawkish foreign-policy establishment, and the label stuck. Republicans have picked up on the usage as well: Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance recently characterized the emergency foreign aid package that passed the Senate as a nefarious plan by “the foreign policy blob/deep state.”

    Anything where the parts are indistinct but moves as a whole could be seen as a blob, which describe the mass conformity to equality that we see being popular these days despite repeated failures.

  • Whose ‘Chaos Agenda’?

    Open borders, $34 trillion in debt, two and a half trillion dollar annual national deficits. Your government might label you a domestic violent extremist if you buy guns or Bibles or, heaven forbid, show up at a school board meeting or attend Mass too often. This sounds a hell of a lot more like chaos to me, because your chaos doesn’t matter to a lot of the folks working 10 miles from here. Interest rates on credit cards and car loans are skyrocketing. Home ownership, the central thesis of the American Dream to our parents and grandparents, is now a mirage to millennials. They say inflation is down, but the prices are still up. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I spend $11 on a bag of carrots!

    Chaos for lawmakers is having to write budgets and take tough votes. The chaos they are willing to inflict on your life is changing things for the worse. I actually want orderly things like budgets that balance, single-subject spending bills, term limits, block-grant Medicaid, to drill for oil, export liquified natural gas to anyone willing to buy it in dollars, demand that, I don’t know, if the government wants to spy on Americans, they should have to get a warrant. And we should secure the southern border! Does that sound like chaos?

    Formalization creates inversion. Working within the system has become more important than achieving anything. This system is based on the diversity-socialism axis which has destroyed the American Dream as 1960s conservatives predicted.

  • “Livelier Than You Are, Whoever You Are”

    Shakespeare takes no political, theological, sociological, or ethical sides. This “freedom from doctrine,” in Bloom’s words, is one of his defining attributes. A “miracle of disinterestedness, Shakespeare neither believes nor disbelieves, neither moralizes nor endorses nihilism.” Bloom argued that this elevated attitude can be found throughout the Canon: “Those who can do canonical work invariably see their writings as larger forms than any social program.”

    Not so the School of Resentment, which Bloom described as a “cult of gender and racial cheerleading.” The “Feminists, Afrocentrists, Marxists, Foucault-inspired New Historicists, [and] Deconstructors” may “decry overt religion,” but they “call for devotional verse (and devotional criticism!)” all the same. Their object of devotion is a set of favored victim groups, whose affirmation and advancement precede aesthetic considerations. “Attempting to read many of the works set forth as resentment’s alternative to the Canon,” Bloom groaned, “I reflect that these aspirants must believe . . . that their sincere passions are already poems, requiring only a little overwriting.”

    Equality is based on resentment. Individualism sees itself as precious. Diversity naturall creates this desire to overthrow, destroy, and replace.

  • The troubling decline in the global fertility rate

    When the world was rising toward positive goals, people felt comfortable having children. But now that everything is in chaos, and the best anyone can come up with is more of the same, people are withdrawing from civic life and opting out of condemning another generation to misery and a permanent atheist non-afterlife.

  • Sifting the FBI’s Garbage

    The Clintons run the DOJ and the DOJ runs the FBI. Consequently it has become as politicized as the FSB.

  • The Hot New Luxury Good for the Rich: Air

    The planet is overpopulated, and we can see the proof in the declining air quality everywhere despite lots of “green” initiatives. Too many humans means too much waste, and so now people are focused on real luxuries like air quality.

  • More Chinese migrants now crossing San Diego border than Mexican nationals: report

    Why fight an enemy when you can simply invade him and genetically replace him?

  • Latino patients with respiratory illnesses are 5 times more likely to be oversedated

    Cultural differences can kill you.

  • Cameron and Sikorski: Failing to stand with Ukraine will remake the world as we know it

    Either let the Ukrainians fight them there and send Ukraine weapons, or get ready for the WW3 that will keep the Democrats in power long enough to import another fifty million new voters.

  • Don’t Buy Putin’s Bluff. The West Can Outspend Him.

    This was true in the Cold War and is likely true now. If we disconnect our economies entirely from the BRICS, they will vanish back down into the third world hole where their recent actions show they belong.

  • Federal government to begin the formal process of preparing for partial shutdown – again

    Shut it down. (checks watch)


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