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Diversity Takes Flight — Into Nearby Terrain

Yet another good news / bad news story. The good news is that diversity takes flight at the Federal Aviation Administration. The bad news is that this includes Air Traffic Controllers.

There are things in life that maybe should be diverse. Menu options for lunch and available AB&B vacation rentals are two exemplary examples.

Why not the workforce of Amerikan Air Traffic Controllers? It’s a vital job and the pay and benefits are nothing to thumb your nose at. Paid diversity may not burn chunks of Oakland as frequently.

I only ascertain two potential drawbacks.

The diversity might not burn and loot out of desperation. When crime pays, what amoral man turns down an extra buck. I don’t consider a millionaire terrorist desperate. Bin Ladin participated in planning 9/11 because he figured it would work like hell. You will not successfully bribe your way out of diversity crimes.

Getting a diverse workforce often involves reduced standards. The FAA lists targeted disabilities they are hiring to include. These include vision and hearing loss. These are not ideal traits in the person tracking my flight across a radar screen at LaGuardia.

The latest Amerikan trend of deliberately misreading the Biblical injunction in Matthew 15:14 can only lead to really bad things. St. Matthew didn’t warn against the blind leading the blind out of hateful ableism. He was trying to metaphorically keep his audience from falling into the allegorical scum ditch.

In another allegorical work, poet noir Charles Bukowski writes about flying helplessly with your life in another person’s hands. “Eyeless Through Space” he entitled it. The poem describes the fate of Moderns.

We live in so complex a world that none of us can know and do everything we need to know and do to navigate life. You have to take some of it on faith. This is what even an Atheist does when they set foot on an outbound 747.

Because of diversity, that faith may not be wisely reposed. St. Matthew’s predicted pitch into the ditch probably hurts a bit worse from an altitude of about three thousand feet. Diversity can kill you in an interesting variety of ways.

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