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Diversity-on-Diversity Chaos Intensifies: Sery Kim (R) Runs for Congress

Last week, we saw diversity-on-diversity chaos explode as Blacks attacked Asians and Whites were blamed, showing that the fundamental thesis of our site — that diversity itself, not groups involved like Blacks or Whites, is a fatal policy — has been proven right yet again.

This week, we see more diversity-on-diversity chaos with the rise of a Korean anti-Chinese congressional candidate running as a Republican in Texas:

A Republican candidate in the special election to replace the late U.S. Rep. Ron Wright, R-Arlington, is facing intense backlash and has lost two of her biggest supporters after saying she does not want Chinese immigrants in the United States.

“I don’t want them here at all,” Sery Kim said of potential Chinese immigrants. “They steal our intellectual property, they give us coronavirus, they don’t hold themselves accountable.”

“And quite frankly, I can say that because I’m Korean,” she added.

Diversity pits different ethnic groups against one another because only one can rule a society, and everyone else survives at the whim of that group. This imports the problems of international politics inside of our civilization, making it a war zone.

In addition, diversity abolishes standards in common, part of “culture.” You can no longer have one set of holidays, a national cuisine, a language that evolves consistently, or a set of accepted and rewarded behaviors.

As others have pointed out, diversity also destroys social trust, since you can no longer anticipate what will offend others or what they will reward, so the best policy is to race home, lock the door, and turn on the television.

The history of diversity in America, from Irish through Hart-Celler, has shown us nothing but a steady decline of civil life and social standards, the erasure of culture and its replacement with bureaucracy in the Genghis Khan style, and the breakdown of families and communities.

Now that we are diverse enough that our diversity is fighting itself, or rather the different groups within it are going to war, the endgame of diversity becomes clear: a society with the standards of a shopping mall, where everyone is an economic unit increasingly policed by intrusive and tyrannical government agents.

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