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Diversity Fails Even With Nice / Smart / Assimilated Minorities

An Asian dean at Yale, obviously an accomplished woman, fell into the same behaviors as other minorities when she lashed out at white people in a series of angry posts:

June Chu, who came under fire earlier in 2017 for using disparaging terms like “white trash” in Yelp reviews, has left Yale University.

…Chu had been placed on leave by Yale towards the end of May over disparaging remarks she made on Yelp towards local establishments surrounding New Haven, Connecticut, where the university is located.

“This establishment is definitely not authentic by any stretch of any imagination and perfect for those low-class folks who believe this is a real night out,” Chu wrote in one post. In another review, Chu wrote that the restaurant was perfect for anyone who was “white trash.”

From a political point of view, this behavior is baffling. She clearly benefited from her position in American society, succeeded more than most, and was not a candidate for violent crime or running people over with trucks of peace. In fact, by all standards she was living the good life.

From a naturalistic standpoint, however, her behavior makes perfect sense. Her subspecies finds itself in territory that appears to be controlled by another subspecies. Therefore, they are not safe until they have control. The correct solution is to dominate them, which can be done by breaking down their self-esteem and then seizing control.

Her comments applied to ethnic restaurants, which are not only typically dumbed down for mainstream consumers, but are often staffed by other minorities. In this city, all the Chinese food is made by Mexicans or Guatemalans. It is entirely understandable that it would not be “authentic” under those circumstances.

While other people have spent their time bashing specific racial groups, I have dedicated the last twenty-five years to writing about how what we need is not racism but nationalism. Nationalism recognizes that each group acts in self-interest, and that diversity puts each group in a position where other groups are competition and thus enemies to be dominated.

Even “nice” minorities — and probably everyone on Earth would prefer a college-educated professional Asian lady living next door to an Arab Muslim radical — find themselves caught up in this cycle, and while most are savvy enough to hide it, it peeks out from behind the curtains of denial now and again.

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