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Diversity Crushes Souls

On this blog, it has long been argued that the problem is not immigrants or specific ethnic groups but diversity itself, which removes the ability for a society to share a culture and introduces internal division. It also makes people uncertain of what standards are, so they tend to retreat from it and give up on their society.

For this reason, diversity has been for centuries the favorite of tyrants as it breaks the culture of a society and allows it to be replaced with the dogma of the tyrant. In addition, it causes resentment, mainly because of the asymmetric conditions imposed on natives and immigrants by diversity:

My students have come with their families from all over the world and have empathy and insight, but for the most part, they have lived privileged lives. For the last semester, I’ve forced them to read nothing but “outsider fiction”. Stories by immigrants and people of colour. Stories about poverty. Stories about being made to sit on the periphery. Most are loving it, but some are frustrated. “I’ve already learned the race stuff,” one said, after our third story with a protagonist of colour. More than one parent advised me that Bharati Mukherjee and James Baldwin are not important when these kids have yet to read “classic writers” such as Harper Lee (because how could they develop their literary taste if they hadn’t first grounded themselves in the point of view of the impossibly saintly white family?).

…But what America did was a basic human obligation. It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks. It is your duty to answer us, even if we don’t give you sugary success stories.

…The refugee has to be less capable than the native, needier; he must stay in his place. That’s the only way gratitude will be accepted. Once he escapes control, he confirms his identity as the devil.

Under diversity, natives are displaced because people coming from poorer countries are willing to work cheaper jobs, which means that people of higher status are taking lower jobs and displacing the people in them. In addition, each group wants its own culture and standards, and diversity obliterates that, not least through defense of the minority which translates to marginalization of the majority.

Refugees cannot have gratitude toward us. They are here to displace us. They may not mean to do that, but it is their only winning strategy. Majorities accept immigrants living alongside them with the idea that each group will stay in its own space. But to the diverse groups, the need for having their own power and culture drives them into conflict with the majority.

This is one of the many reasons that diversity can never work, no matter how smart and nice the newcomers are. It also causes genocide through the gradual outbreeding and thus genetic replacement of the majority, destroying the civilization that was there. Majorities view immigration as a kind of guest status, but to immigrants, the only strategy is to take over and destroy.

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