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Diplomatic Approach To North Korea Demonstrates Success For Donald Trump

Most people do not understand that the issue with North Korea is an issue with China, and has been since this pivotal event in which it was revealed that while the Soviet Union had sponsored the North Koreans with weapons, it was the Soviet ally in Red China that would defend them against anyone sane enough to stop them:

Within two weeks, the North Korean army was largely destroyed or made ineffective. Of the 70,000 NK who had been attacking UN forces at the Pusan perimeter, only about 30,000 made it back to North Korea, mostly over roads on the east coast which our generals neglected to block. The way to the Yalu, and total destruction of North Korea’s military power, seemed virtually unopposed.

…The war seemed almost over.

But, it was actually only starting.

October 25, Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) struck China’s first blow in support of the KPA.

When the North Koreans were losing, China intervened, sending up to a million men flowing into Korea to challenge the Americans, and it was this that escalated the war from localized conflict to potential world war. The Chinese learned from the experience, having faced fiercer resistance than they expect, and their next war against the Americans was fought with proxies in Vietnam.

The bigger point is this: if the West seems to be on the verge of destroying or conquering North Korea, China will intervene with the mass “human wave” familiar to the West as the defining characteristic of Asian warfare since the Mongol invasions.

Unlike sitzpinkel diversity president Barack Obama, “populist” president Donald Trump was willing to tackle this problem at the root and open diplomatic communications with China on the matter. The result is that China has joined with the UN boycott of North Korea, which means that North Korea’s economic support is fading away, forcing them back to the negotiating table:

China on Thursday ordered North Korean-owned businesses to close, cutting foreign revenue for the isolated North under U.N. sanctions imposed over its nuclear and missile programs.

China is North Korea’s main trading partner, making Beijing’s cooperation essential to the success of sanctions aimed at stopping the North’s pursuit of weapons technology. China, long North Korea’s diplomatic protector, has gone along with the latest penalties out of growing frustration with leader Kim Jong Un’s government.

…Chinese leaders argue against doing anything that might hurt ordinary North Koreans. They agreed to the latest sanctions after the United States toned down a proposal for a total ban on oil exports to the North.

Trump skillfully trolled the North Koreans into thinking military action was imminent, further draining their resources, while slowly working behind the scenes to cut them off from the sources of income that allow them the ability to develop and maintain their nuclear arsenal. North Korea’s missiles will be destroyed, but by rust, not MOABs.

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