Furthest Right

Defenders of the Faith

Repent, regicides! Everything was better under the Kings. In the age of the enthroned equal individual, we have become a mob and we tear down our best so that our worst do not fear appearing as they are.

The Kings held back the decay, knowing that it was always pushing against them. They led by example and through virtue. They showed us something to aspire to instead of something to fear.

But nothing can stop the human herd. As the Kings were pushed out by the rising bourgeois, they tried to conserve the best of what was left.

Many adopted Christianity as a last-ditch attempt to bring moral behavior to the population. It worked to a degree, but because it instructed the worst in how to appear to be the best, the worst quickly took over.

Eventually the Kings were removed. We still celebrate those days, forgetting that we are cheering for the noose around our own necks.

Christianity explained the risk of promiscuity and selfishness better than the Greeks did because the Greeks like the ancient Nords were economists. They realized that all people act only in their own self-interest alone, and that morality was mostly a fiction but the best adhered to it in order to advance their own value among their tribe.

They recognized that there were no absolute moral truths, only culturally-dependent standards which we treat as truths because they advance social order in our tribes:

Xenophanes famously insists that all conceptions of the gods are anthropomorphic and culturally contingent (DK 21B14, B15).

By accepting the lack of a shared thought-cloud of universal, absolute, and objective truths, values, and communications, the Kings built upon a foundation of nihilism the choice of their own values, sought through an affirmative and positive process that built great civilizations.

It has taken democracy only a few centuries to tear it down, and still we defend our Oppressor, equality.

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