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Death by Technology

Technology and its by-products must be radically challenged, restricted and only used where and when it is absolutely necessary.

Every technological advance by modern society is destined only to destroy what little communities exist and further degenerate the overall health of humanity.

This fact hits upon the ‘intolerable’ responsibility of actually restricting business and industrial-mechanized growth in respect to nature; for these mechanical industries are simply parasitic and are simply replacing human labour thus making the majority of people fat and even more useless then they could have been.

It also means that the current value system of progress favours the short term desires of the masses, it prefers to please hordes of equally thoughtless individuals whose only purpose in life is to idolize their liberal unnaturalness through their medicine, their televisions, their cars, their mobiles – therefore they are totally enfeebled towards anything outside of machines and cannot imagine life without it, something which is going to have bloody consequences in the future.

Because of these reasons I do not trust this society with technology, for it seems that everytime some ‘genius’ invents something, it is immediately used as a political tool and consumer gadget giving more energy into the social virus political correctness.

This fastens the chains around the masses with their never ending circus of consumerism and busy-business selling narcotics to other idiots all whilst aggressively denying and bullying anyone who attempts to criticise their corrupt values.

Whilst these masses are busy feeling special, being treated like political dildos that are emotionally jerked off through mediums like technology every election, they feel a bit powerless and undignified – because they simply arn’t living at all.

Therefore in their status-quo misery they decide the best thing to do that will make themselves feel happy about being used as a symbolic strap-on is to force us all to be ‘equal’, to shut up and back down from any ‘extreme’ ideas that might terrify the weak or threaten to take away their unnatural lifestyles revolving around machines.

They instead believe that idolizing the sneering fat humanoid sitting on a couch drinking wine every evening is the pinnacle of evolution, and that this will somehow transit our civilization into a utopia where all of our ‘problems’ will disappear forever and ever; those ‘problems’ that always tell us that we can’t have it all!

They hate evolution and genetics because it shows them for what they really are, that social popularity and their little monkey taboo’s does not magically transform a little down syndrome pinokio into a real boy.

With these technologies and inventions they make life worse for us all. These ‘entrepreneurs’ create more consumer junk just so morons can throw it away the next day and pollute our sacred lands; making them look like a third world ghetto where everyone consciously represses any ‘bad’ thoughts that might actually hint that they live in a fortress of shit.

Thanks to ethicless technology, humans dump industrial waste along every single road – along with hundreds of roads all veining across the continent ripping up forests into little domestic squares; and then after this cutting them all down to add another ugly shopping mall and mac donalds surrounded by deserts of consumer waste; all for useless proles to wallow in their emptiness – because everything else is ‘boring’.

These altruistic love gurus over at the health industries, thanks to the great progress of technology, create medicine so our species can breed without immediate consequence and therefore devolution steals the strength from the strong to kill the evolutionary. These social viruses infect everything; these lies that surround us in advertising, in the news, even in our friends.

Many people are not willing to help people like me because they are too concerned with themselves and their sickly addiction to short term doggy-treat things like money, trendy gadgets, cars and other trash; and these ‘freedoms’ are just so convenient, we could never live without them – because through all observations, it is clear that they conceive mankind solely existing in a non-changing state that hadn’t evolved but was instead created from a shiny packet in the microwave and popped into existence superficially to kill evil nazi’s and shout ‘racism!’ at anything that has a purpose in existence other than fighting for ‘freedom’.

But despair not, for the thing which supports these modern people emotionally sucking off each other - is going to destroy them naturally, packs of technology follow these herds, and they’re getting hungry. It’s the naïve proles that they’re after and they drain the herd of any actual energy with cheap industrial food as to not create a panic.

Every night they break the herd up and now it’s easier to target individuals with their propaganda. In the chaos individuals are separated from their communities, families and friends; if they manage to keep their intellectual footing they will survive the onslaught of lies, if not they suffer life long brain damage and remain unconscious whilst another episode of tv drama trickles into their vacant heads – Or maybe even after ten hours of wasting electricity the damned tv will give up and just go into standby.

In the end; if nothing else can be done, technology fuelled in excess by modernity is a platform for artificial life to evolve upon and these mechanizations will be a very effective tool against stupidity in our next million years of evolution and thus preservation and continuity of evolutionary algorithms should the worst come to worst.

But for now, society is very weak and our modern PC scientists empirically march onwards looking for the keys to our self made prison only to moan and cry because they’ve only gone and reductionised the collective structure of the key into ever more smaller atoms therefore rendering it absolutely bloody useless.

Because being culturally deficient and with no intelligent leaders to discipline ecologically destructiveness and useless surrogation they are unable to see the larger picture – and instead of adapting to nature and her patterns of evolution, they instead force their anthrocentric humanist idioms, their ‘laws’ onto the entirety of the cosmos, no wonder these fools can never conceive a ‘Theory of Everything’!

Ecological transitions through Mechanization

If humanity is not to be consumed by a hateful, racist, fascist robo-supremacist - then we need to know how to approve mechanization wisely as to ensure the best outcome for the biosphere and future space exploration for humanityand technology. 

To achieve this we will need to blend many organisations of nature (naturalization, socialization, civilization, mechanization) into a chimera.

 is a body whose sum of parts are established from foreign bodies, or has two or more opposing genes or memes that some have dominance over certain areas of the body and vice versa.

An idealistic chimera is what this is called, I wish however to discover a way to make this a strong hybrid but only when this idea is formed in reality can it be tested for fatal flaws and divided and recombined on important discoveries that all things in nature must adapt to in order to survive.

Primitivism is the foundation, the naturalization, it is the body of this chimera, it is the source of all the cells (individuals) and fills them with nature’s intuition such that they can enjoy a natural lifestyle and from this attain mental control over themselves in a natural order.

Aristocracy is the organs of the body, the natural-social order in a civilization form - it provides the functions and forms of an organic society and thus the primitivists may at some point in their life transcend their exuberant wilderness life into an efficient position of a functioning organ.

If  we do not adopt even a mild form of mechanization, in the long run, we cannot divert bigger reality circumstances such as asteroids, gamma ray bursts,  cosmic predators that dare extinct our species.

Technocracy or civilization evolving towards mechanization form, is the skeleton of the body, for without the skeleton frame, the body would not be stable and thus would be unable to adapt to bigger reality circumstances, if there was no mechanism the body would have to split up into many bodies of smaller autonomy and that is good, however, the larger body can be made of many national cells with a diffusion of leadership through a ‘blood-stream’ of information around the civilization body.

Technology therefore be an exoskeleton to preserve the primitivists and aristocrats inside or it can be an intraskeleton inside only preserving the frame, shape and size of civilization and not the function of cells, for example the function can be damaged by external stimuli if we lack an exoskeleton but we can feel the joys of existence having machines inside and away from sight and that this is good.

Exoskeleton technology is for mechanistic forms of civilization and  these are nescessary if we are ever to thrive on inorganic planets full of external threats to the civilization i.e no atmosphere or radiation or temperatures extremely hot or frigid. Internal societal skeletons – arcologist aristocracy – are where regional protection is sourced.

Primitivists can not stop an asteroid, so the technocrats can. Primitivists can not go to Mars, so the technocrats must caeleform (or add the required environmental ingredients – or genetics into the primitivists such that they can adapt easier to the martian environment/meeting the planet halfway), they must caeleform selected planets for natural orders and a safeguard from devastating extinction events (like what happened to the dinosaurs) plus more species may be evolved from the ancestors of the human race (us).

Example, a civilization on the Moon.

The civilization is on a barren world, there is no organic multicellular lifeforms so therefore primitivists have a problem. An aristocracy without mechanistic technology cannot survive as a humble organic civilization as there is no food or atmosphere to sustain them.

A mechanical civilization, modern-derived or similar can survive due to the fact they can use machines to protect and preserve their life – This is a form of societal exoskeleton.

Another example; a civilization on Earth and a primitivist tribe.

Here we have an aristocratic organic/primitivist society. Instead of agriculture for food they have significantly reduced their population with ascendant values and opted for sourcing their food from the hunt.

There is miles of lushious wilderness in all directions full to the brim of wildlife and that also being a source of food. The primitivists do not need to live in the aristocracy but see it as a nice place for wise individuals wishes to spread their intuitive knowledge to the future generations.

There is mechanical technology in the holiest of buildings in these communities, these buildings sometimes are just designated houses or maybe they don’t even desire them, but the benefits of having one to protect the wilderness from invaders and parasites is a good one.

In more high tech aristocracies when one decides to occupy the rest of his life in symbollic literature and surrogate activities he runs the risk of becoming corrupt but to stop that from having an influence on the wilderness by turning into a cancer they must potentially source all of their resources in architectural ecologies.

An urbanist agriculture based on space environment technologies. They operate in themselves with no outward influences on the surrounding environment, plus they must use eugenics to ensure that only individuals capable of visualising abstractions as naturally as possible can do this, the less they can understand the more corrupt they will be.

These arcologies are the societal skeleton as described on the lunar environment but is not external as the primitivists are fine without it.

These mechanizations are only the beginning; as I will explain further the process of civilizations, Iwill show all the possibilities of biology and mechanical processes and algorithms and show that these two cells can come together after a brief seperation – come together to create the most advanced organization and naturalization ever conceived – to turn every world of the solar system into a cradle of thriving life.

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