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Darker toned people remain but add whitener

More product scam and dysfunctional social reality insanity in our faces:


In one TV commercial, two men, one with dark skin, the other with light skin; stand on a balcony overlooking a neighborhood. The dark skin guy turns to his friend and says in Hindi, “I am unlucky because of my face.” His light skin friend replies, “Not because of your face, because of the color of your face.”

Suddenly the light skin guy throws his friend a cream. It’s a whitening cream.

It is one of several television commercials aimed at men in Pakistan and India. In the end the darker skin actor is shown several shades lighter and he gets the girl he was after. Most of the ads end up that way.

The commercials are sending a not-so-subtle message to men in Asia: Get whiter skin, and you’ll get the girl and the job of your dreams. Or at the very least you’ll be noticed.


Dumb, isn’t it? In a couple generations, they’ll still have a majority of what’s in reality darker tones everywhere, but all wearing whitener cream where whiter will then become the new unnoticed boring shade in their midst.

We can all be manipulated suckers and revert to our default knuckle dragger state, or we can bypass this mindless waste and just be ourselves for a change.

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