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Daily WTF: anti-immigration raids “like Holocaust”

Never cheapen tragedy.

According to the Iowa Independent, Jim Clarity, a defense attorney representing Agriprocessors, has “compared the plight of mounting a defense in the Northern District of Iowa to that of the Jews facing Nazi persecution in 1939 Poland.” Clarity has also referred to the pretrial publicity surrounding this case as “sickening,” and he wants the trial moved to either Minnesota or Chicago simply for his belief that “Iowa is poison.”

In addition to this motion, the defense team has asked that each defendant’s case be handled separately, and the attorneys even went as far to file a motion to dismiss the criminal indictments of Agriprocessors’ executives stemming from the May 2008 immigration raid. Their proposed reason for dismissal? Anti-Semitism on the part of grand-jury members.

The Holocaust card is overplayed and is a detriment to those who were (and still are) truly affected by it. We hear it everywhere. The teacher who always collects assignments is the Homework Nazi. The chef who won’t dish you any bisque when you ask for an extra roll is the Soup Nazi. Most disputes among polarized bloggers commonly end with at least one of them being called a Nazi. But let’s get something straight.

Following due process and pursuing justice through the law does not make individuals Nazis. Genocide is the most horrific, monstrous crime imaginable, and the Holocaust is the paramount example of genocide. A case in America’s innocent-until-proven-guilty justice system cannot possibly be likened to any happenings of the Holocaust.

Daily Iowan

This attorney isn’t thinking very clearly.

First, it’s clear this firm was hiring illegals. We all agree on that.

So we now know that anything else said on the issue is attempting to muddy the waters: they broke the law.

Then all we must ask is: were they sufficiently organized in avoiding information that would alert them that they were breaking the law that they must be considered culpable?

That’s good logic. Comparing the case to the Holocaust, and insulting every person who believes laws are necessary, is insane.

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