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Daily Nonsense (#1)

The Guardian rambles on about rape in South Africa, and then sidesteps a crucial issue:

The notion that rape in South Africa is a specifically post-apartheid problem is dismantled by Gqola, a professor at the University of the Witwatersrand.

It is natural that rape statistics would rise after 1994, she writes, because black women felt more comfortable to come forward. Police stations under apartheid had previously been deeply unfriendly places.

This is obvious nonsense: if the apartheid government hated blacks, it would have kept as many negative statistics as possible. More likely is that, as with the general rise of crime and corruption brought on by South Africa’s post-apartheid state, rape rose as well.

No one will point out the obvious, which is that the lack of social trust and social order has brought on the rise in many crimes that were previously kept suppressed by the notion that there was a system which punished misdeeds. Under diversity, social trust collapses and social order cannot exist because of the disparate standards between ethnic groups — white, black and Indian — occupying South Africa.

Instead, we get silly nonsense to make us nod our heads as we read/skim, accept it as plausible because that is most convenient, and then move on.

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