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Cool = Cuck


How did modern society become so cucked?

The root of cuck is that you see something that you should care about, and notice that it is being savaged, and do nothing about it. You humiliate and abase yourself to avoid noticing what is wrong because noticing things that are wrong will interrupt your personal individualism, or desire to put yourself before all else.

Individualism ties inevitably with convenience, or the process of taking the path of least resistance. Acting toward personal pleasure, wealth and social status is always convenient, but asserting and acting toward goals higher than the individual never is.

This leads us to the origin of “cuck” or embracing known evils in order to advance oneself socially, in a career, or in politics. In a dying civilization, most people cuck because the other option is to admit that something really big is wrong. That is a scary, ambiguous and dangerous path and most flee from it.

By the time an empire falls, it has rotted from within; what rots it from within is an inherent human tendency toward solipsism, which in groups becomes “collectivized individualism” or Crowdism. This individualism originates in the desire to be “cool,” or do what is convenient.

One view of history is that humanity has faced many different crises in the past. However, most of these appear to be internal or related to difficulty in maintaining organization. Applying Occam’s Razor, that suggests that common human pathologies are most likely the culprit, such as individualism.

We know that in groups, humans tend to band together on the idea of equality (which translates into no hierarchy of ability, equal acceptance) and then seize power, erasing the past knowledge as they do so. This pattern repeats as a cycle: civilization rises, population grows, neurotics assemble, equality appears and the decline begins.

My theory, which is Spenglerian/Platonic, is that most of what we see now is the result of many thousands of cycles of smaller civilization-deaths. Local areas and regional governments succumb most frequently, but whole empires eventually catch the disease and fall apart.

In each case, those create a bottleneck that pushes a population out and away from the failed areas. The majority of the population however continue focus on being “cool,” and so when the ruins fall in dust, what is left is a highly social population that is very verbally adept, good at art and dancing, and generally excellent at socializing.

Since the West is in the middle of this process, we see mostly the “cool” that comes of never dedicating oneself to anything larger than the individual. This manifests as “cuck” because people are unwilling to reject the cool and strive for what is less socially successful but more accurate.

A backlash against cool, by seeing it as the province of the inept, may begin by seeing “cool” as a compensatory behavior similar to the “sour grapes” of fairy tale lore: those who cannot make anything of themselves focus on being big cheeses in the social scene instead of achieving something in reality.

Our media, cultural and arts industries have driven themselves insane pursuing the “cool” because it ultimately has no aesthetic except narcissism. Similarly, as politicians try to be more popular, they are forced to reduce their positions to pitching convenience to an apathetic public.

When those in authority try to bow to “cool,” they create a tyranny of the rebellious attitude that tears down any meaning larger than that of the individual. Instead of being current, or staying in touch with youth, this should be viewed as what it is: concession to decay.

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