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Conservatives Need a New Approach to LGBT

Without a doubt our news feeds and corporate advertising seem filled with LGBT propaganda of late, but we do ourselves a disservice by failing to notice that this is just the latest pity-pet of the Left. They use their pets to erode strength so that they can attack Anglo-Saxon culture and replace it with third-world culture.

That being said, we should not be like the bull in the ring who charges after the flag the matador waves. If the Left dangles a pity pet in front of you, they want you to attack it. That way the discussion shifts from preserving civilization to whether or not this group should be victimized.

Even more, we should consider the basis of our philosophy: we believe in folkways, or modes of living that have worked since the dawn of time. There have always been homosexuals. Obviously, our ancestors were able to manage the duality of both accepting homosexuals and not endorsing the behavior for anyone outside that group.

It was only when religious fanaticism made homosexuality a target that it became powerful. The Streisand Effect is real; whatever you seek to ban becomes more powerful because you have made it into an identity. If you want something to go away, stop rewarding it, including with attention.

However it seems ridiculous to me to crusade against nature. By whatever method, nature produces homosexuals; our job is not to second-guess nature, only to find a place for homosexuals where they are both safe and do not endanger the safety of others, including intangibles like culture.

The ancient Greeks found a nice balance. They accepted that some people were homosexual, but often made fun of them as well. The ancients were comfortable with the duality of both seeing homosexuality as part of nature, and accepting it as equally natural that heterosexuals would be disgusted and repelled by it.

In the bigger picture, it makes sense to view public conservatives like any other business. They make money by selling you on irrelevant frills while hiding the ball on what is the Big Show (i.e. avoiding civilization collapse). Any scapegoat or false hope will work, and their latest LGBT fixation is simply part of that process.

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