Furthest Right

Conservatives are more intelligent

Party ID Average IQ
Republican 100.0 (99.1)
Democrat 97.3 (98.1)
Independent 94.4 (92.5)

Republicans are more intelligent. If only whites are considered, things look a little brighter for whiterpeople:

Party ID Average IQ
Republican 100.9 (100.0)
Democrat 100.1 (102.3)
Independent 96.3 (95.0)

In the aggregate, there is little apparent relationship between intelligence and party identification among whites, other than self-styled independents being less intelligent than either Democrats or Republicans, a pattern that is also apparent among moderates in comparison to liberals and conservatives.


From anecdotal evidence here: independents are those who don’t grasp how the game is played, and so generally are flakes more than being stupid, and republicans are divided between a blue collar faction (115 average IQ) and a wealthy yet realistic faction (IQs between 120-150). On the other hand, liberals are generally disillusioned underachievers (IQ 115) and wealthy opinion workers (IQ 120-125).

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