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Conservative Convergence

We should be kind to the Right. After all, it has had a great shock. The world wars drove away the idea of any solution but liberal democracy with civil rights and mixed economies; that was the model that would be the “end of history” as most liberal-minded people think of it. That left little room for the Right.

To be a conservative is to defend unpopular thought. We reject categorical thinking and embrace the case-by-case basis; we eschew individualism and instead adore structures for civilization that are organic, like culture, nature, and the divine. These things are unpopular because they enforce limits on people that clash with their egos.

We are the people who say that we should not take civilization for granted. We recognize that a functional civilization gets more efficient, and efficiency produces excess wealth which the middle class then seizes, at which point those dilettante sophomores set up a moronic system like democracy to buy off hard problems and focus on trivial ones.

It might be said that the Right represents civilization coming out of the stupor of its initial success. Once a civilization succeeds, the need to struggle against nature for survival is replaced with jobs, or doing things to please customers and managers, a science more based in optics and emotion than reality.

Perhaps the biggest story the media refuses to cover is the obsolescence of the far-Right. All of the ideas of the extreme wing of the Right are now in the mainstream Right, and since we are talking about them, it has become clear that the old way of doing things will address absolutely none of what is needed.

This is part of a convergence on the Right. The world wars made actual Right-wing activity futile in a way that the revolutions and civil wars had laid as groundwork, and so the Right diversified into many little sects based on ignoring the big problems and focusing on a few vain hopes instead.

How many more centuries would we let the Right keep rambling on about how the only solution is for all of us to rediscover Christian values? Or for the free markets to somehow undo the massive government subsidies? All of these were lies designed to allow the donations to keep flowing, and all the branches of the Right were there to take advantage.

For decades, the public Right — this is more of a corporation comprised of individual careers than a philosophy, since a philosophy has no manifestation — has sold us on the “Benedict Option,” or the thought that we take our money and retreat to the suburbs to live the good life while our civilization collapses around us.

How, we might ask, is this any different than other bourgeois fantasies, all of which call out for inaction against civilization decay so that we might amass our own piles of wealth and pretend the problem is not ongoing? Hint: the damage is done to your children, even if you escape with a light conscience.

With the rise of populism, it has finally become clear to the Right that the diversity vote will mean a permanent one-party Leftist state, and the door is closing. Biden engineered a border crisis so that he could import enough future voters for a permanent Leftist state. That state in turn has nowhere to go but to full Communism.

As a result, we are seeing a reverse of the process of the last centuries. Instead of diverging into different sects, the Right is consolidating those sects into a new belief system that remains true to the conservative ideal — an order which transcends the individual and have-nots versus haves — but clarifies its methods and goals:

  • Goldwater conservatives: these were the original nice guys who essentially wanted Christian values and libertarianism in defense of some semblance of Western Culture. They forgot that culture is genetic, but otherwise, had a solid vision for the future of our society, namely reduced government, production-based economics, and a foreign policy not of humanism but of advancing our narrow interests. The Goldwater wing of the Right wanted a return to natural rights: government does not guarantee your rights, but is restricted from socially engineering you.
  • National Socialism: history shows us why National Socialism was a disaster, since trying to make a Right-version version of a Left-wing notion (the State) simply ensures confusion at its core, but they understood an important point, namely that genetics and tribalism are more important than everything else. It is our ethnic group versus all others, even if no one wants to admit that in public. Race is all; biology is the basis of civilization; that which is abhorrent to genetics, biology, and nationalism/tribalism is the death of civilization. Only mono-ethnic civilizations have a chance for survival. The core of our thinking on the Right is now biological in focus instead of ideological in nature. The rest of National Socialism can die in a dumpster fire.
  • Ecofascism: despite the Left banging innumerable tin drums for the environment, they refuse to face the causes (overpopulation, globalism) and instead focus on putting band-aids on habits in the West while ignoring the much-larger third world and its pollution; ecofascism recognizes that societies based on individualism will always succumb to the tragedy of the commons and therefore, always be overpopulation ecocide magnets.
  • Reaganism: coming from a theatrical background, Ronald Reagan recognized that people needed something to believe in that had to be a national identity that by virtue of tying itself to its foundation, was Western European in nature, and that this notion of civilization alone could get people away from the socialism loop of demanding more free stuff to counter the price raises caused by the last round of free stuff. He realized that socialism and big government were one and the same, and that altruism in international affairs merely meant world socialism.

This shows us a vision of where populism is going: based in biology, oriented toward culture, against reward-before-performance systems, but fundamentally “tolerant” in the sense that after it achieves these treatments for the big problems, it leaves everyone else alone and lets nature sort it out.

A society of this nature will cut all of its entitlements, slash taxes and regulations, remigrate diversity, reduce government to a nub, and then focus on jailing the miscreants who have run amok for the past sixty years under the increasing Leftist assault.

To conservatives from the pre-populist era, this conservatism will almost appear “hippie” in that it will not focus on religion or forcing normalized behavior through wars on abortion, drugs, drunk driving, and “racism.” Instead, it will seek to reward the good and smite the bad on a case-by-case basis, leaving everyone else alone.

In a natural rights society of this nature, you can be transgender, smoke weed, drive drunk, or do whatever else you want that does not impact the big issues and its treatments for them. You will face consequences for your actions, and those who produce, create, and achieve will be promoted over the rest.

At its core, this version of conservatism embraces natural selection. It wants to focus on the success stories, not trying to save the people who should by rights achieve Darwin Awards, and its long-term goal is nurturing civilization through the upkeep of traditional organic orders like culture, nature, and the divine.

Contemporary people have no way of grasping this idea. Raised under a society where government does everything so everyone can be saved from themselves, they have no vocabulary for a naturalistic society that promotes biological health and filters out the defective.

However, its time is coming, mainly because the worldwide failure of liberal democracy has made it clear that the limited solution-set offered by our democratic leaders will not address our problems. We need to change direction, and fast, and for us to have an alternative to the status quo, an authentic and realistic conservatism must emerge.

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