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Consequences of the Free Will Illusion

A fast-food restaurant within about 500 feet of a school may lead to at least a 5 percent increase in the obesity rate at that school, according to a study released on Friday.

The researchers looked at how proximity to the restaurants affected obesity rates among 3 million ninth graders at California schools, and more than 1 million pregnant women in Michigan, New Jersey and Texas.

In December, a study found that youth who study within a half mile from a fast-food outlet eat fewer fruit and vegetables, drink more soda and are more likely to be obese than students at other schools.


The human dogma: we all have free will, and we are all sage and wise individuals who will do the right thing, so back off because we are defending our territory and so will insist on maximum rights even if we don’t use those rights, but others use them to damage society at large. We will not back down. Having territory gives us the illusion of control, which makes us not think we’re mortal, and that feels pretty good. Back off!

The sad reality: people are animals, and animals function by stimulus-driven reactions. See prey? Seize. See larger monkey? Attack. Lose? Complain that monkey violated your rights.

What we can learn from a few hamburgers.

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