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Cognitive dissonance kills civilizations

From a dialogue:

The problem is that every society begins dying as soon as it is formed. The method of this death is loss of consensus — you might call it pluralism.

Without a clear goal, it becomes a free-for-all where people can use political symbols as gestures of goodwill. Like, for example, “I’ll bring jobs if you’ll ignore the toxic waste in the rivers” and “I am kind to the lowly minority.”

Soon you get a huge population of displaced, directionless, neurotic people who are willing to cling to the first idiot who promises them peace, love, happiness or other sappy absolutes that have nothing to do with reality.

We call those liberals, The Revolution, etc. but the real symptom is cognitive dissonance. They’re out of touch with reality and society makes it easy for that to be the case.

This creates a situation where anyone realistic just cares about keeping the economy, defense and law enforcement operating, and the rest of the horde indulge in emotional outbursts that have disastrous consequences, like Obama.


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