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Closing the Minority Gap

From the We Have One, Too! Department:

With the Census Bureau projecting minorities will one day be the majority, some Republicans believe they have a branding problem. As if things couldn’t get any worse for the GOP, the Pew Research Center claims White voters are more likely to identify with the Democratic Party. The numbers of White voters calling themselves Republicans have been dropping for the past four years. And there are some Republicans who believe the party needs its own Barack Obama, a political star who can transcend race and party lines.

What few people know is that when Obama first took to the national stage in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, there was another African-American man who was already climbing the political ladder of success within the Republican Party. In fact, former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael S. Steele gave the counterpoint to Obama’s speech that year. Now, he’s vying for chairmanship of the Republican National Committee, which would make him the most recognized Black conservative in the nation.


Their figures on white voters are wrong, I think, but will have to research that later.

Mr. Steele sounds like a qualified, cautious, intelligent man.

However —

How much more could we pander?

“We have a black guy, too!”

There’s no better way to admit you’re out of idea than to imitate the other guy, and badly. They got there first. Pick a new game plan.

If nothing else, I think Republicans should sit out the presidency and allow liberals for once to inherit their own disasters. Sure, that means our next Republican president will be in 2020. But that will be better than stepping in to inherit a mess.

Republicans also need to find solutions for the following:

  • They have no media support. Fox News doesn’t count.
  • They are divided between the highly religious and the moderately religious, with some secularites in there for good measure.
  • They cannot explain why The Conservative Way is better except by falling back on fear, patriotism, etc. Hard facts and reason time, gentlemen.
  • They have not shown how they are independent from wealthy Hollywood and industry donors. That would liberate them greatly.
  • The intelligentsia — often useless but widely listened to — hate them and their accusations have not been answered.
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