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Choice Paralysis

Read this article and then think about the consequences for government and society:

Researchers from several universities have determined that even though humans’ ability to weigh choices is remarkably advantageous, it can also come with some serious liabilities.

People faced with numerous choices, whether good or bad, find it difficult to stay focused enough to complete projects, handle daily tasks or even take their medicine

Researchers found that the participants who earlier had made choices had more trouble staying focused and finishing the disagreeable but goal-focused tasks compared to the participants who initially did not have to make choices.

Science Daily

Like computers, people can be hacked by overloading them with information. Cram too much in for them to consider, and they expend resources considering it, and are still considering it when you hit them with an important task, which they then get wrong.

Think about all the choices you make each day. Wandering around and deciding where to go, which stores to go to, what to buy, what to watch, what to wear, who to talk to, what political decisions to make in that conversation, and so on: your brain is overloaded. And that’s before we get to advertising, political memes and social pressures.

This could explain why “primitive” and ancient peoples had clearer states of mind. It also has some negative implications for democracy and the idea of unfettered personal choice.

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