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Children fascinated by conquerors

For decades, toy replicas of British warplanes like the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster have outsold those of their Nazi foes, but now kit sales of Second World War German aircraft have overtaken those of the Allied forces.

Sales of German tanks and ships have also outstripped those of the Allies.

Analysis by the model maker Airfix has revealed that this year, German kits have made up around 55 per cent of the sales of all kits relating to the conflict. Around 1.4 million German replicas were sold, compared to 1.1 million Allied kits.

Experts and modellers say the rise in sales of the Nazi war machines reflects an interest in the more experimental technologies developed by the Germans and the engineering superiority of many of their vehicles.

The Telegraph

Don’t be fooled by the bloviation — people like conquerors, even if they won’t admit it in public. Caesar, Hitler, Alexander, even Patton, are preferrable to a modern society so wimpy it cannot run down and publically execute 20 bandits in a motorboat who hijack giant tankers off the African coast.

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