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Chicken and egg solution eludes scientists

Researchers visited 226 food stores in the city of Baltimore and Baltimore County — including supermarkets and convenience stores — and looked at the availability of healthy food. They then tracked the availability of healthy food in each of 159 neighborhoods.

The researchers found that 43 percent of predominantly black neighborhoods were in the third of neighborhoods with the least healthy food; 46 percent of the poorest neighborhoods were in that group.

By contrast, just 4 percent of predominantly white neighborhoods were among the third of neighborhoods with the least healthy food. Just 13 percent of the wealthiest neighborhoods were in that group.


Which came first: the tendency of poor people to buy TV dinners, or the TV dinners in poor neighborhoods?

Come back to reality, you weepy scientists. When I hit the ghetto store, I see people pushing carts full of square boxes, meaning frozen food.

When I go to the suburbs or even an impoverished rural area, I see people buying whole ingredients.

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