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Can The Alt-Right Develop A Non-Leftist Perception Of Women?

On the Right, we have a difficult goal: we conserve civilization and learning against the constant tide of human wishful thinking. If not restrained, people in groups convert all societies to third-world ruins because this is the nature of human herd behavior.

Leftists think that the root unit of civilization is the individual, and that there is no higher order — natural, logical, realist, or divine — than that. Rightists know from history that the basic unit of society is the family, and that those families need to be of the same heritage, customs, values, culture, and outlook to thrive.

As “men among the ruins,” we awaken in a time where everything is ruined and no one will admit it. Our institutions are shams, our politics third world, our art cheeseburgers, and our products manipulative and designed for short-term life. In addition, dating and marriage have been shattered by sexual liberation.

Young people are induced by media and social pressure to behave in ways that are destructive to the family. In particular, they have sex with a number of different people, which makes them unlikely to find lasting bonds; they are always looking for the next good thing to come along, because promiscuity rewards serial coupling and not lasting commitment.

We can see this in the high divorce rate. Instead of sticking with a marriage, and working out the problems, people scapegoat the other partner and style themselves as the victim, then move on to the next person. Dating with casual sex makes marriage into simply a longer form of dating, and commitment is destroyed.

Add to that the fact that men and women are competitors in the workplace, and you have a hostile relationship between the sexes. This means that most young men are looking at a number of choices, most of them bad, when they consider the question of spouse and children.

Even more, society chooses to give them no guidance. Its ruling principle, “whatever you want to do, you must pay for” combines with the idea of “if it feels good, do it,” to create a formula for perpetual dating, possibly interrupted by a child or two. Without a sense of long-term commitment, partners exist by convenience only.

This creates a fear of being inconvenient for anyone paired up with a partner. The instant the partner becomes difficult, the other will leave, so people stop talking about difficult things, including needs like marriage and a stable family. Strangers to each other, they negotiate around problems rather than facing them.

Children coming out of these homes have no idea how to behave, how to meet others like them, the age-old advice of finding someone from a similar background, and what they should do, as in how to start planning from an early age to form a family, have a career that makes you independent, and take care of children.

As a result, we are awash in sexual zombies who are mating chaotically and producing shell-shocked children. Young men do not know how to find wives, and many of the women they encounter are broken or distracted to the point of delusion. We have many young, wifeless men whose angst is building.

We should look instead toward the model upheld by other ethnic groups in producing families:

Maybe it is time we start to think like Jewish mothers who always try to find the most intelligent, beautiful, and traditional Jewish bride for their sons. This is the thinking that helped the Jewish group and culture survive, and it will help us survive.

Western education and media spreading feminism have manipulated European women into believing that European men owe them chivalry, fidelity, financial security, and hot sex. At the same time, women believe they can dress and behave like tramps, collect as many sex partners as they like, and proudly state that they cannot and will never cook, clean house or—God forbid—iron a shirt. This is war against our men and against our people, and it is being fought through the minds of us women.

For white men to date feminine, high-IQ women outside their race is like taking the emergency exit. Why marry a white nag who dresses and behaves like a man at best, or a slut at worst, if they can have a decent women who is sweet, delicate, supportive, caring, and loyal?

Children need instruction from a young age that their goal is to marry well and have prosperous, healthy families. They need to seek women not only of their own race, but their own ethnic background and social class. They also need to take a hard look at what they have to offer and tailor their expectations accordingly.

Young men can learn how to behave instead of falling into basement incel modes of operation. They can develop healthy habits — normally passed on by healthy families, but now in abeyance — and learn to socialize in innocuous ways that make them at home anywhere. They can organize their lives toward future family.

This organization includes a recognition that dating is toxic; only courtship makes sense. If you spend time with a woman, it is to answer the question of whether or not she is the person with whom you will form a family. Anything else, even if fun or entertaining, is a waste of your time and hers and will harm you both.

In addition, they need to change their perspective about who they are seeking. Instead of having every man look for a supermodel or actress style lady, they need to look for someone like them, with similar talents and prospects. This enables their offspring to carry on the best of what both have to offer, surpassing them.

As the Alt-Right grows, and it is growing behind the scenes now that Trump and the AFD have seized the popular mind, it is refining its behaviors as part of its mission of creating cultural change at every level of our society. Learning that not all women are hoes/thots and how to look for the good ones becomes crucial.

We screw up if we step into incel-land, which consists of blaming all women for the behavior of the worst. Instead, it makes sense to be Darwinian: reward the good and cut out the bad. In order to do that, however, we need to be good, and not fall into the internet mindset of angry, selfish nerds.

A selfish nerd stays in his basement playing video games because it is what he wants. He focuses on pleasures of his own and avoids challenges. This is part of the individualism that democracy nurtures which makes each person an island, dedicated only to maintaining a self-image that instills comfort and convenience.

We were all raised in these ruins. Our future lies in rising above the behaviors that got our ancestors here, and aiming toward what our distant ancestors knew, including how to place ourselves in a position to start a family and make it succeed. Without that, we die out, even if we win.

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