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Bring Back WASP America

Comey. Pelosi. Fauci. Biden. Schumer. 0bama. Ryan. McDaniel. Clinton. Murkowski. Omar. Cortez. Kerry. O’Rourke. Clapper.

Names mean something. In this case, they mean a certain type of tribal identity formed of a cluster of ethnic identities: these are the new Americans who came into our country to replace the WASPs, overthrew them in the 1960s, took over in the 1990s, and produced the new America we know as our present-day status quo.

As David Brooks chronicles, in the 1960s the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP: a proxy for “ethnic Western European”) elite was replaced by an education meritocracy that rewarded being good at theory instead of well-rounded, high-intelligence WASPs.

This new meritocratic elite consisting of names like you see above — Irish, Italian, Slavic, Jewish, Arab, Hispanic/Mongolian, and African — has done a terrible job of running America. The Trump campaign consisted of people wanting 1980s America back when things were still mostly run by WASPs.

One reason that many of us reject White Nationalism is that ethno-nationalism is ethnic, not racial. Races are too broad of a group that includes admixtures at the edges, like the fallen empires of Southern and Eastern Europe, to have actual unity. But people of an ethnic group share genetics and therefore habits, methods, and goals.

Trump presented a simple idea: regain our spirit as a people (populism), peel back the socialism and diversity mania, and focus on what works. He is a moderate who wants to use conservative methods to increase function instead of using Leftist equality symbolism to pursue illusory goals.

WASP America was better in every way than the present state. People could work effectively (not hard), enjoy a thriving culture, live in stable places, and afford a normal life with normal jobs. The focus was not on being taxpayer treadmill profit centers for business and government but on being American, which was cultural more than political or legal.

With diversity, all of that has gone away, and the movement of people after the Tea Party who realized that our quasi-libertarian society can only exist in a mono-ethnic state has gained momentum and gone mainstream. For this reason, White Nationalism and Christian Nationalism are now obsolete.

We want WASP America back. Without it, we are headed further into becoming the third world. Import the third world, become the third world. Import the “second world” — hwite countries like Eastern, Irish, Southern, and Mediterranean European fringes — and you end up being like them.

Our government is now as dysfunctional at that of Italy. Our agencies are now as corrupt as those in Greece. Our streets are as divided by competing moralities as those of Israel. Our citizens are square-headed thinkers like those of Ireland. And our expectation of functional society is as degraded as those of Eastern Europe.

When you make a mistake, the only thing to do is go back to the previous step and try again. That means WASP America returning, and everyone else being very quiet about what they want while we let the competent people work. After that, we will return to mono-ethnicism because it is a necessary condition of any thriving nation.

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