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Branded "racist" for opposing new trailer park

In America, poor white people go into trailer parks and dusky minorities are put into urban apartments. In the UK, poor white people go into rural apartments and dusky minorities are put into trailer parks. It’s completely backward.

Thousands of residents in Stotfold (population 8,500) and surrounding villages, are now having to defend themselves against accusations of racism.

The ‘damning evidence’, as it turns out, is contained in council questionnaires, completed in good faith by the likes of the Huckles, to provide feedback on plans to build gipsy camps in the area.

Mr Masterton insisted Stotfold was ‘too small to cope with the influx’. Mr Bowskill was worried about the added pressure on local services.

The Colliers, the Chalmers and the Huckles cited ‘fear of crime’. Someone else thought one of the proposed sites was too near an old people’s home.

In the eyes of Mid-Bedfordshire District Council (but no one else of sane mind) this amounted to outrageous racial discrimination.

The Daily Mail

It’s ridiculous that we keep denying the obvious: people don’t want you to move a ton of people who have not adapted to society, dusky or not, into their towns and neighborhoods.

It’s the same in the USA. People, whether white or black or racist or not, do not want white people from trailer parks nearby. If a black man making $150,000 a year decided he did not want white trailer park dwellers earning $20,000 a year living near him, is it “racism” or just practicality?

And the bureaucrat who did all this — where does he live?

Mr Alderson, we discovered, lives in a big mews house at the end of a private drive in Biggleswade alongside a river.

The false elites act so they look good, at the expense of everyone. It’s all about getting ahead.

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