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Black Mirrors Of Nemesis

by Carey Henderson

The Tell

Look. See. Notice every gesture, every move. Watch as the hand is quicker than the eye, the mind desires to believe, thus what you see is not what you get.

Everything you see—what you read, what you watch on your TV and smartphone—is a lie within truth, truth within a lie; a trick of magic. Magic that we no longer believe in due to its supposedly archaic nature.

But The Tell is all around us; the trick is actually defined with a rather broad brush within our Modernity. But we’re not paying attention. The slight of hand that we programmed into our magician is superb.


The Right Trick

A good magician knows that his own life is worth sacrificing for the right trick. He won’t divulge his methods unless his own Hubris prods him, and only then will he unravel his methods by methods requiring much deduction and work. He has dedicated his life to a principle; something that no one can see, touch or feel, and in so doing, has embarked on a course from which no deviation can be allowed. He will feign weakness if necessary.

Denial, lies, and deceit are all tucked neatly into his portfolio, as is Truth, which he will also use, ripping out of any context without so much as a partial whim, along with his other tools, to manipulate his audience. His course is no morality play, only a desire to fool all those who desire to be fooled, for they are not only his physical bread and butter, but food for his own Hubris and ego, things which he has long since given up attempting to deny.

A truly good magician’s identity can become irrelavent to him. If his magick has become his ideal, then it can be put into symbolic existence, thus attaining immortality, transcending not only himself but all of Modernity; something to be remembered by, a fifteen minutes of fame that will be put into superior data storage: that of the written word.

And so he will do all that it takes, if the magick that he has tapped is of a power to make such a transmutation, to turn all of his work into an idea, a principle unto itself, something that he can then die knowing will replicate itself like some digital worm.


Modernity is Transmutation

During the Industrial Age, Western Humanity became a magician of rather impressive stature.

He learned to transmute one substance into another at an industrial level, turning all of Earth’s resources into his own, personal fuels. No longer requiring the lengthy processes of Alchemy, humanity marched onward, building bigger and better things, learning to transmutate the elements at will, until he’d surpassed his own Industrial Age and entered into the Information Age.

Herein, humanity found the ability to create a new digital universe.


It’s all Bits and Bytes, Ain’t it?

Prior to this digital creation, humanity had begun to understand that the very universe that he inhabited was also digital. Throughout this digital universe was the evidence of the permeation of analog direction—as though a higher form of intelligence just might exist and was, in some way, guiding it all—yet, at the quantum level, humanity found that energy does, more or less, get delivered to his universe in packets—digits. While humanity continued to discover the truths about his own universe, he also began creating a digital world of his own.

Cameras, then moving pictures, then public theaters showing the moving pictures, then televisions invaded the Western World in stages, but always with purpose, tethering itself and its own creation to that creation’s newfound prosperity, comfort, and boredom; entertaining that creator’s boredom, until finally, this new method of delivering information had become not simply a member of the human family, but had replaced many previous notions of what being part of a human family had entailed.

This analog creation was merely the necessary precursor to the digital world that humanity would create. And so he did.


The Hell of Digital Information

The next stage would grow much faster. The internet took hold of humanity with little effort. The convenience of being able to share information quickly was a lust that mankind could not dampen, could not satiate, once he had put this temptation into actual existence.

The internet grew with little resistance, until the point that nearly everyone in the Western World (and many others besides) had, in their hands at all times, instant access to a digital world in which humanity thought that he could hide from his true reality; a place he believed he owned, since he felt he’d created it, and thus believed that he could become anything that he desired.

As above, so below. This was the dream of the digital world that mankind had created. There is no way to separate this digital dream from that of magick’s dream, of an occultic dream, for all those dreams are on in the same.


Black Mirrors Summoning Our Favorite Demons

To think of the demonic as simply an archaic notion of religious fanatics is to deny the inherently correct natue of what often draws this human creature toward Evil.

Let us then ponder the demonic from the level of our dim understanding of the quantum nature of ourselves and universe. Let us say that the demonic works on a level similar to a quantum ‘virus’ of sorts: something that can infect and affect the culture at large, due to its own makeup and how this demonic itself is programmed to divide and conquer, for within its own programming is written the very correct notion that, should humanity discover its ruse, humanity might find a way to defeat this brilliant and simple ruse, given time. This is also a ruse, yet it is one that must not be discovered, for it can lead to truth.


Spin is In

Our modern science has told us that everything spins—from the universe at large down to the quantum level. Even when observed with only a ‘half’ spin, what we call as a collective ‘science’ has come to the conclusion that our world continues on through spin.

The demonic knows this far better than humanity. If the demonic is an actual entity, somehow existing within the digital realm of our existence at the quantum level, then it inherently grasps the concept of spin and, furthermore, would understand, given its longevity within that universe, how to use spin to manipulate humanity’s perception of the world it inhabits.

In more than a few occult circles, to summon a demon, one needs only a black mirror, the will, and the correct incantations to summon their demon of choice.

What we call our televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, and more, act as black mirrors for this demonic motivation towards destruction: as we stare into them, demanding to be entertained, we are answered in seconds, not merely entertained by what we have summoned but fooled, tricked, and manipulated by the ‘demons’ that we continually call forth, like some addiction. We cannot resist: for our digital demons might be stupid, but they’re not fuckin’ stupid: they know what buttons to push to addict us forever to not only their whims, but our very own whims.

Whatever the demonic may be, or if we can admit such a things exists, the one thing that is obvious through no more than the anecdotal evidence of our long history, is that the demonic knows us, controls us if given a chance, and has no love whatsoever of its sometimes-master (us).


We Have Seen the Enemy.

And we know whom that enemy is. There is no other recourse when determining our true enemy than coming to the conclusion that the enemy is, without a doubt, us. For we create Nemesis, each and every time, through our own Hubris.

Modernity’s Hubris comes down to the fact that we believe, in our utter lack of self-awareness, that we are the Chosen; the ones who outgrew the outmoded ideas of cultural differences, of sexual differences. Of all differences. What the Western World believes right now is what the Devil on our shoulder whispers in our ear that we must believe: “You are capable of so much more,” that Devil tells us, “so you should simply keep telling yourselves that.” And we listen.

As we are unable to conquer the things that make us human, this constain refrain that we programmed into our own Nemesis, our little black mirrors, haunts us day and night, to the point that much of the population is simply mad with the obsession that humanity is something more than it truly is; that humanity can ‘rise above’ its own programming, and that it can create a Utopia wherein we all ‘just get along’ and where there is no sorrow, no pain.

Carey Henderson has been writing in some form online for over seventeen years. He kept his day job, however, because the desire to be a starving artist never really appealed to him. He lives in the Deep South, USA, and spends most of his time when not at his day job either writing or reading. You can find him at his site Speakeasy X.

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