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Big business big immigration supporter

When you think of those who support immigration, you think of hippies who just love everyone right? It couldn’t be as cynical as… a business venture, could it?

I mean, I thought the only big business people were Republicans.

521 corporations, trade associations, business groups, labor organizations, government entities, and nonprofit organizations reported lobbying on three critical immigration bills introduced in Congress over the past three years.

98 percent of those lobbying on these bills were on record supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, increases in government mandated immigration, new or expanded guest worker programs, and elimination of effective procedures to verify worker eligibility.

Collectively, those who reported lobbying on these immigration bills spent $345 million during this time period. The business sector accounted for more than 59 percent of those seeking to influence immigration policies. The technology sector, interested in increased access to guest workers, was the most active business interest lobbying on immigration.

Other key business players included the hospitality industry, construction, and agriculture—all of which benefit directly from low-skill foreign labor, many of whom are in the country illegally.


The Republicans and Democrats, because they need to run money to stay in office, each have their own industry lapdogs, and sometimes the two groups crossover.

The Dems, traditionally supported by media and manual labor-intensive businesses, support agriculture, construction, hospitality, technology and banking.

The Republicans support the bankers and technology. Both of those groups also support having easy access to cheap foreign labor.

So now we’ve got both parties colluding to flood the place with new people.

Hippies and liberals have always been dupes because if you wave the “civil rights & equality” flag in front of them, they rush forward like retarded bovines in a cut-rate bullfight. Because they’re low self-esteem cases, they are desperate for anything to make themselves seem more important, and that it’s offered by corporate America doesn’t seem to enter their minds.

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