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Benefits of immigration "close to zero"

The economic benefits from record levels of immigration to Britain are ‘small and close to zero’, the Lords was told today.

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He told peers the Government had said immigrants brought large economic benefits to the UK in boosting economic growth, filling job vacancies that Britons could not or would not do and paying more tax than British-born workers.

But there was no evidence of such benefits, which had been ‘wildly overstated’ by ministers.

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The report found certain groups in Britain—the low-paid, some ethnic minorities and some young people looking for a foot on the job ladder—may have suffered because of competition from immigrants.

Daily Mail

Consumers like cheap products. Business likes more customers and workers. Proles like feeling more political power by shattering the demographic that rules the country.

Unfortunately, it’s also a path to ruin — a question none of the above ever consider.

One other aspect that few discuss is that immigration is cataclysmic, environmentally. The source nation gains an escape valve, and people breed to fill in the gap; in the host nation, the new population begins breeding in tandem with the source nation. The result is more people and more displacement, thus more environmental consequence.

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